Food Delivery Rider Caught Stealing Crocs Shoes from Condo Doorstep After Making His Delivery


While we’re probably accustomed to leaving our shoes outside our houses in Singapore, sometimes incidents remind us that we probably should be a bit more aware of our surroundings despite the safety in our country.

On the other hand, while our food delivery riders might be our favourite person to see at times because it means that our food has arrived, their presence might seem like a nightmare instead for some.

Nonetheless, it never hurts to be more cautious of where we put our things outside our houses.

Well, unless you want your shoes to get stolen.

By your food delivery rider.

In a now-deleted post, Facebook user Kristel Laisa Cruz shared a post in the Complaint Singapore group, with a clip of CCTV footage showing a foodpanda delivery rider stealing a pair of Crocs from outside her condominium unit on 17 May at around 12.10pm.

The clip showed the male delivery rider taking a photo of the food order for proof of order fulfilment.

However, after placing the food outside the door, something else caught his eye.

The rider then took the pair of Crocs with him before leaving.

According to Shin Min Daily News, Cruz said that the pair of Crocs belongs to her father and that they hold great meaning for him as many of the Jibbitz charms were bought overseas.

The shoes were adorned with many charms, such as those of Spider-Man, Superman, and Super Mario.


Additionally, she also wrote in the comments section that her father is currently in Singapore for vacation purposes and hopes to get his shoes back.

She also urged those staying in condominiums to not leave their personal belongings outside their units.

Netizens’ Reactions

After the video was uploaded on social media, many Singaporeans who watched the video advised the family to lodge a police report.

One Facebook user also touched on how many Singaporeans have a habit of leaving their personal items, especially their shoes, outside their units.

The same commenter shared that he uses a cabinet to store his shoes instead, preventing them from being stolen.

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foodpanda’s Response: Investigating the Issue

Based on foodpanda’s response to Shin Min, it has already contacted the affected customer and is currently investigating the issue.

The foodpanda spokesperson also emphasised that the company does not tolerate any form of misconduct from its employees, and that those who conduct themselves in an improper manner will face consequences.

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Featured Image: Facebook