You Can Now Rent a Professional Gaming Room for 6 Players from $180 for 2 Hours


Say you’ve always wanted to experience what it’s like to get your hands on the gaming PCs that you’ve seen your favourite streamer gamers use, but for obvious reasons (cough being broke cough), you’ve never gotten a chance to even try out any of the cool tools that they use.

Well, here’s your chance.

Just two days ago (18 May), Luxury hotelier Fairmont Singapore and gaming company Razer released a joint statement to announce the launch of their collaboration, which is the setting up of the world’s first-ever luxury gaming suites.

In the statement, Director of global e-sports at Razer Flo Guiterrez mentioned, “E-sports has grown tremendously in popularity, becoming a familiar fixture in mainstream entertainment.

“And so, we have been working hand-in-hand with Fairmont Singapore’s team to create three unique suites made to offer phenomenal experiences to whoever enters them for a casual, hardcore or competitive gaming experience.”

Fairmont Singapore also took to Facebook to publicise the upcoming collaboration.


This means that you’ll soon be able to enjoy top-notch gaming facilities without having to burn a huge hole in your pocket or getting nagged at by your mother for wasting more precious hard-earned money.

And what’s even better is that you can do so with your friends! (Unless you have no friends, then that’s definitely not a plus.)

Launch of Gaming Suites

Fairmont Singapore, a hotel near Bras Basah and Razer’s gaming suites will be available from 24 May to April next year, and they have started accepting reservations on their website.

Those interested can book the suites in either two-hour or four-hour slots, and the suits will be open from 9am to 11pm every day.

And even though the rooms are already equipped with accessories and equipment by Razer, guests are allowed to bring their own gaming ware and gear.

Hotel Discounts When Booking Suites

Apart from that, booking the gaming suites will also entitle you to a variety of discounts, courtesy of Fairmont Singapore.

So I guess you can still tell your mother that you’re technically still “saving money”, even when you’re splurging.

Firstly, you’ll get 10% off your overall stay at the hotel, as well as 10% off your bill if you choose to have your meals at Prego, Mikuni, Anti:dote and Asian Market Cafe.

Additionally, a day spa pass at Willow Stream Spa will only cost you $40 (U.P: $69).

The pass will grant you access to the hotel’s spa facilities such as a steam bath, sauna, Jacuzzis and hot & cold hydrotherapy pools with a hydro pump, perfect for your weary back and shoulders after hours of intense gaming.

There will also be a special in-room dining and mini-bar menu available.

They can even cater to birthday celebrations if you’d like, so don’t forget to bookmark this place when you’re planning for your best friend’s birthday party!

Now that we know about the perks, let’s go on to see what the suites have to offer.

First Suite: Razer Gamer and Streamer Suite

First up is the Razer Gamer and Streamer Suite.


With five-versus-five stations and blackout shades, each station in the suite will have a Razer laptop, monitor, keyboard and e-sport headset and a Razer gaming chair.

In terms of the games available on the laptops, “AAA” games are available for gamers to play. “AAA” games refer to the high-budget, high-profile games produced by major gaming publishers such as Ubisoft and Electronic Arts.

A streaming booth will also be available, and gamers can display graphics on the wall-mounted television sets and let gaming communities watch streams on streaming platform Twitch, allowing them to narrate and commentate on the streams.

Razer’s latest broadcaster line-up will be included in the booth as well for an “optimised streaming experience”.

As for the price, a two-hour slot for up to six people will cost you $240, and it will cost an additional $35 for every additional person.

Four-hour slots for up to six people are priced at $420, with the cost for every additional person being $70.


Second Suite: Razor Console Lounge

Moving on, there is the Razer Console Lounge as well.

This lounge will be equipped with Xbox and PlayStation5 consoles with Razer controllers, a television and a large variety of AAA console games.

For six people, the suite will cost $180 for two hours and $320 for four hours.

Third Suite: Razer Mercury Suite

Last but not least, there will also be a suite catered to streamers, the Razer Mercury Suite.

This suite will have Razer microphones, limited-edition gaming chairs and headsets.


The suite can occupy up to six people and will cost $240 for a two-hour block and $420 for a four-hour block.

Gamers’ Opinions

If you’ve grown up practically living in Local Area Network (LAN) shops, you’ve probably noticed that the facilities in the suites don’t seem all that different from that of LAN shops.

And if you’re too young (or… old) to know what on earth a LAN shop even is, a LAN shop is basically a webcafé that has rows of computers that are connected to the same network.

These computers give players access to a large range of popular games, allowing them to game together with their friends for (mostly) affordable prices.

However, there is one obvious difference between the suites and LAN shops.

The price, of course.

Just to put things into perspective, there are LAN shops that charge around $2 for every hour. In comparison, the suites will cost at least $30 per person for two hours.

Hence, Glastian Pandji, 19, an interviewee that TODAY talked to brought up how the suites may be inaccessible for younger gamers or those who may not have the financial means to enjoy the higher-priced services.


Another interviewee, Benjamin Moh, a 24-year-old engineering undergraduate also brought up how the range of games available might be limited since Fairmont Singapore and Razer only revealed that the laptops are loaded with AAA games.

Some games that do not fall under the AAA category include Multiplayer Online Battle Arenas (MOBAs). Well-known games, such as League of Legends and DOTA 2, are all MOBAs.

Another issue he brought up was the possible lack of on-site technical support for players, and he also noted that LAN shops usually provide these services.

With staff members that are accustomed to maintaining LAN networks, players often enjoy a smoother gaming experience with fewer Internet connection issues.

Gamers may also face usage problems of different sorts, and LAN shops usually have personnel on-site to help the gamers with such problems.

On a brighter note, it seems like there are still gamers out there who are keen on trying out the suites.

Danial Roslee, a 24-year-old delivery rider, touched on how the suites could be seen as an occasional splurge, and they will be able to provide users with an enjoyable experience despite the cost.

Response from Fairmont Singapore and Razer

When responding to the opinions given, Fairmont Singapore and Razer emphasised the uniqueness of the suites, which is that they have the latest award-winning peripherals from Razer.

“It is unlikely that many gamers would have such an advanced home set-up,” the spokespeople from the two companies explained.

“A session in the suites will also offer players the chance to try before they buy.”

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Additionally, the spokesperson also mentioned that the suites will provide gamers with a place for them to play with their friends in a “fun, contemporary, and immersive” setting.

This is an especially welcome sight, since most gamers have had to play in a room by themselves for the past two years due to COVID-19 restrictions.

With regards to technical support, the spokesperson also confirmed that there will be trained staff on-site to help gamers with any technical difficulties that they may face while gaming.

“They have been involved in the set up of the suites from the start, and so are well versed in the back-end management of each suite,” the spokesperson clarified.

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