Sharon Au Claims French Police is ‘Too Busy’ to Retrieve Her Lost Laptop Even When They Know Where It Is

If you’ve been keeping up with local celebrities lately, you’ve probably heard of the incident where former Mediacorp actress Sharon Au’s house got burgled.

And if you haven’t, here’s a quick recap about what happened.

On 30 April, Au’s home in Paris, where she has been based for four years, was burgled into.

The 46-year-old former actress took to Instagram to share her unfortunate experience as well.


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A post shared by Sharon Au (@sharonau13)

According to her post, only her cat was at home when her apartment was broken into, and she has been understandably distraught after the incident.

She also mentioned that the burglars took “everything that she loves” except for her cat, and that she “has nothing now”.

On her Instagram stories, she also posted a story of her with a Gardens by the Bay tote bag on 16 May. She mentioned that the rest of her bags ended up being stolen by the burglar.

Find My Mac Helped Track Down Laptop

However, several weeks after the burglary, Au received a notification from her laptop’s Find My Mac feature.

The notification showed that the laptop was detected in a Paris suburb approximately 64km outside of Paris.

Even though Au indeed experienced a momentary glimmer of hope, her hopes were soon dashed after the police responded to her.

Police Said that They are “Too Busy”

After receiving the notification, Au proceeded to inform the local police in France.

However, she apparently received a less-than-ideal reply from them.

According to her Instagram stories, the police officers allegedly told her that they were “too busy” to follow up with her case and accompany her to the location as they had “bigger crimes to solve”.

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Quit Her Job

Shortly after the burglary, Au also announced that she had quit her job as an investment director in order to “heal and re-evaluate” her life.

She also mentioned in her most recent Instagram post that she has been having nightmares as of late.


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A post shared by Sharon Au (@sharonau13)

However, she did not specifically state that it was due to the burglary.

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