M’sia Student in ICU After PE Teacher Got Class to Run 30 Rounds with Mask On


In this day and age, most of us will probably agree that punishments in school are much less intense than they were back in the 20th century.

However, one incident that happened in a Malaysian high school proved us otherwise.

According to Malaysian newspaper China Press, a physical education teacher at Foon Yew High School in Kulai, Johor, punished an entire class on 11 May by forcing them to run 30 rounds around the school’s volleyball court while wearing their masks.

The reason? A group of students did not complete their homework.

Unfortunately, one of the students ended up being warded in the intensive care unit (ICU) after the run.

Student Started to Feel Unwell Halfway Through

Halfway through the punishment after running 15 laps, the 15-year-old female student already started feeling unwell.

However, her teacher asked her to remove her mask and continue walking for the 15 other laps to complete the punishment, which she did.

However, when she reached home, her heart rate apparently rose to 200 beats per minute, which led to her family sending her to the hospital.

It turned out that she had suffered palpitations due to the run, and she was in shock for a period of time as well.

Mother Took to Facebook, Claimed that School Ignored Her 

The incident first received attention from the public after the teenager’s mother took to Facebook to share her daughter’s experience. She also posted an image of her daughter lying in a hospital bed.

The post has since been deleted.

To no one’s surprise, many netizens were enraged at the teacher and school’s actions, and many left comments regarding their opinions about physical punishment in schools.

According to the mother’s account, she approached the school to discuss the incident a few days after it occurred.

However, the school refused to let her see the principal and disregarded her concerns.

“They told me the issue has been settled and that mask-wearing was not enforced during physical activity,” she recalled.

Unfair Punishment

In response to the school’s reply, the mother insisted that according to her daughter, the teacher made the entire class keep their masks on while running unless they were feeling unwell.


“If my daughter was lying, then why was the whole class wearing their face masks when running?” she wrote.

She also pointed out that it was not fair for her daughter to undergo the punishment since she was not part of the students who did not complete her homework.

Principal Apologised After Post Went Viral

After the post went viral, the principal called the teenager’s mother to apologise for the incident.

After that, the mother posted on Facebook that she and her husband were invited to the school on 18 May where the principal and physical education teacher apologised to them.


In her caption, she said that the family would not pursue the matter any further.

Ng Fui Choo, the principal, also told China Press that the PE teacher was at fault in this incident and that the girl’s parents had accepted the apology from the teacher.

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It was also mentioned that the teenager’s parents could submit a doctor’s letter to the school for her to be exempted from intense physical exercise. She would also be allowed to use the elevator in school.

The principal highlighted that the letter, which the teenager’s parents have since submitted, will be used to inform her physical education and co-curricular activity teachers so that they can keep an eye on her health during physical activities.

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Featured Image: Facebook (Jolyn Kua)