Footage of 小 Beng Trying to Act Beng Went Viral As an Adult Just Used Eye Power


It looks like the post effects of the Conor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather fight have yet to disappear.

Two students have channelled McGregor’s trash talking syndrome, and decided to issue a ‘challenge’ to one student.

As can be seen from the video, two students walked with McGregor’s trademark swagger into the classroom, and started whacking one very confused Mayweather.

The confusion didn’t last for long, however, and he started fighting back. Considering that his opponent was like twice his size, he fought pretty well.

And the big guy’s partner, like those useless jockeys in WWE, just stood by while they fought, joining in to deliver the occasional dirty punch once in a while.

And halfway through the video, this happened.

Image: Stomp

While at first glance he seemed to be observing the fight, but in hindsight he was actually delivering mental signals to the aggressors to ‘stop the fight’.


And then someone finally comes along to end the fight.

Nope, it’s not the psychic adult.

It’s a student.

Image: Stomp


What happened?

The video first went viral on Facebook user Dave Tan’s page, but his profile was subsequently inaccessible.

It resurfaced, however, on Facebook pages like All Singapore Stuff and Kuanyewism. Stomp caught onto it too.

The incident apparently happened on September 11, at St Hilda’s Secondary School.

The reason behind the confrontation is unclear.

As for the adult shown in the video, it’s been clarified that he’s an intern, and not an adult.

The vice-principal of St. Hilda’s Secondary School, Miss Tan Yee Leng, released a statement in response to Stomp’s media queries.

“The school is aware that there was a disciplinary issue on 11 September which involved two students fighting with another student.

An intern with an external agency chanced upon the incident when walking along the corridor, and had called out to the students to stop the fight but they did not heed him. Since he is not one of our teachers, he would not have the training or authority to manage the situation.

“The school has addressed the matter by counselling the students involved, and applying appropriate disciplinary measures. We are also working with their parents to help our students learn from the incident.

“We take all incidents of fighting seriously, and we are confident that our teachers will be able to manage and correct inappropriate behaviour.”


The friendly netizens we love and adore were separated into four camps for this one.

The Outraged

Image: Allsingaporestuff Facebook Page
Image: Allsingaporestuff Facebook Page

The Educators

Image: Allsingaporestuff Facebook Page

The ones who understand the adult’s hesitation to step in

Image: Allsingaporestuff Facebook Page
Image: Allsingaporestuff Facebook Page

The ones who “understand” the adult’s hesitation to step in

Image: Allsingaporestuff Facebook Page
Image: Allsingaporestuff Facebook Page

It looks like times have changed, huh?

Back then, everybody would be glued to their books, trying to get as much information into their heads as possible.

Nowadays, people just swing up to others and land random punches, with a camera filming the whole process along the way.

Look, I admit; the victim might have done something despicable to incite the both of them.

Or the aggressors could have been the typical bullies, looking to dominate that kid that never bows down to them.


But that intern – he’s an adult. Even if he didn’t have the training to stop the fight, any sane adult seeing this would have at least stepped in to do something, and not just use eye power.

After all, fighting in schools is common. Having an adult who just watch isn’t.

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