Our Writer Who was from FHSS Explained the Viral Footage of Students Crossing a Road Orderly


Recently, I chanced upon a video shared by my fellow junior from secondary school.

The video shows students from Fuhua Secondary School (FHSS) lining up at a traffic junction in a single file, waiting to cross the road.

The video was taken by a passenger on a double-decker bus and was posted on a Facebook page.

The passenger was amazed by the orderly manner the students were queuing and even called the sight “unusual”.

Here, take a look at the video:

Unusual usual sight outside Fuhua Secondary School everyday.

Unusual usual sight outside Fuhua Secondary School everyday. Students queueing up to cross the road to go to school.#submitted via whatsapp

Posted by Fabrications About The PAP on Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Well, truth be told, I was a student from FHSS as well. This is actually a daily occurrence for the students.

You see, the students actually took a bus and got off at the bus stop near our school.

They have to cross the road in order to…get to school, duh.

There are a lot of buses that go to that particular bus stop, and they just keep on coming and coming and coming…

So in the morning, you can expect lots of students to get off different buses at the same time, hence forming the large crowd.


There’s actually no school rule that dictates us to queue up in a single file.

I’m not sure when or how, but this has sort of became our ‘culture’.

And I’m proud of it. Well done, Fuhuanites!

Image: Tenor GIF Keyboard

What netizens say

Let’s see what our active netizens have to say…

Image: screenshot from Facebook

Totally agree with both hands up.

Image: screenshot from Facebook

Well…ain’t this the truth in every piece of good news.

Image: screenshot from Facebook

Well, firstly, I agree that an overhead bridge will be convenient, especially when it’s raining (got caught in the rain many times urgh).

But then again, wouldn’t it be more feasible to shorten the waiting time at the traffic light instead of causing inconveniences due to a construction?

That’s my personal opinion tho, just saying.

The process was pretty fast for me, and I’m not complaining.


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