The 2 S’poreans Who Went Missing in JB Forest Have Been Found


I am not sure if any of you have experience with this before…

Receiving the answer you want just when you thought you’ve lost all hope.

Personally, it will be when I saw an A instead of an F on my results slip, but that’s probably very insignificant as compared to receiving news in life-and-death situations.

If you weren’t in the know, two Singaporeans were reported missing on Monday (5 Feb).

They had ventured into Johor’s Gunung Pulai Forest Reserve, according to Channel NewsAsia.

At about 11.20am today (Feb 8), Johor police said Mr Dominick Tan and Ms Clarice Lum Jie had been spotted by a helicopter at Ulu Choh Pontian, which is near a lake.

Image: CNA

In a distress call made earlier, the pair had mentioned that they were near a body of water.

The helicopter was unable to land in the area, so a boat was deployed to rescue them.

The 27-year-olds were taken to the hospital. Both suffered minor injuries and dehydration, according to hospital staff.

They have already left the hospital.


Clarice Lum gets discharged from hospital

VIDEO: Clarice Lum gets discharged from Pontian Hospital after her Gunung Pulai ordeal. Earlier, Dominick Tan was seen walking out of the hospital with a slight limp.(📹: Amir Yusof)

Posted by Channel NewsAsia on Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Rescue efforts

About 50 people including police officers, park rangers, members of Johor’s Fire and Rescue Department were part of the search and rescue operation.

There were also volunteers from Singapore and Malaysia climbing groups in the team.

In a media briefing yesterday (7 Feb), Johor police chief Mohd Khalil Kader Mohd said that it had never taken this long to find anyone reported missing in the Gunung Pulai Forest Reserve.

He said that the pair could have gone off-track or took an unusual route.

Mr Tan was known to be an experienced climber who had hiked Gunung Pulai many times.

Head of operations for Malaysia’s Mountain Search and Rescue Team (MOSAR) Abdul Rahman Mustafa said: “It doesn’t matter if they’re Malaysians or Singaporeans. They’re human beings and we want to help in any way we can.”

Image: CNA

MOSAR deployed 15 people on Wednesday (7 Feb) and seven on Thursday (8 Feb) to assist with the search and rescue operations.

Kudos to all the people who helped in the operations!

Here’s a good lesson for all: never lose hope, because nothing is impossible.

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