Former Mediacorp Actor Jeff Wang’s Restaurant Splashed with Faeces After Customer’s Own Dispute

If you remember the good old days of Star Search from the past, Jeff Wang’s probably a name you recognise.

A former actor and host with Mediacorp from 1999 to 2009, the 1999 Star Search male winner returned to Taiwan after his contract with Mediacorp ended.

As a former host of the programme City Beat, Wang has achieved much success in his acting career since returning to Taiwan.

With roles in long-running Taiwan television dramas such as Feng Shui Family (2012 to 2014) and The Way To Happiness (2017 to 2018), he will also be featured in the new TV series Life Is Beautiful, which started broadcasting last week in Taiwan.

And more recently, at the end of 2020, Wang, 45, opened a Japanese restaurant called PS Sake Bar in Taipei with his friend.

But while things may seem all rosy and smooth-sailing for him, it’s apparently not the case.

Just last month, his restaurant was splashed with… faeces.

Yes, you read that right.

But if you’re wondering who Wang offended, here’s something else you should probably know:

The incident apparently had nothing to do with the restaurant itself, but rather with one of its patrons.

The incident, which was first reported by Apple Daily in Taiwan after a reader’s tip-off, apparently occurred as the perpetrator had “financial disputes” with one of the female customers of Wang’s restaurant.

Based on reports by Apple Daily, the perpetrator had allegedly followed the customer to the restaurant and waited outside until she was done with her meal.

After she walked out of the restaurant, the perpetrator then threw faeces at her.

A shitty experience indeed.

After witnessing the incident, the restaurant decided to call the police and cleaned the affected areas afterwards.

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However, it seems like all’s well ends well, as the matter has apparently been “resolved satisfactorily”, according to what Wang’s manager told Apple Daily.

Apart from that, he said that he was unable to comment further on the incident due to its privacy.

Additionally, he also took the chance to reassure customers that the restaurant will continue to be a safe place for customers to dine at, and noted that they have strengthened their safety measures to ensure diners’ safety.

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Featured Image: Instagram (@zaiwang107)