NUS Investigating After They Found Cryptocurrency Mining Rigs in Their Hostel

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Eh, this one not Minecraft mining lah.

With cryptocurrency gaining much attention over the past few years, several activities such as cryptocurrency mining have also gained much popularity.

Cryptocurrency mining is a form of verification and currency creation process, and powerful computers race against each other to perform transactions,

As a reward, these miners may receive new cryptocurrency, as well as transaction fees.

They did so by solving complex mathematical problems that require quintillions of numerical guesses every second.

However, cryptocurrency mining rigs are required in order to participate in this activity, and given the speed at which cryptocurrency mining is carried out, it’s no surprise that these rigs use up extremely large amounts of energy, which leads to them emitting heat.

Which then leads to these rigs becoming a fire hazard.

Due to the potential safety hazards that these rigs pose, they are not allowed in several residential places, including student dormitories of the National University of Singapore (NUS).

Rigs Found in NUS UTown Residence

However, according to The Straits Times, during a “routine inspection”, NUS management found mining rigs in a resident’s apartment.

The rigs were located in NUS’ UTown Residence, one of the student dormitories at NUS University Town.

The UTown Residence Management Office later issued an advisory to students on 11 April via email, revealing that cryptocurrency mining rigs had been found on campus.

“These consume very high levels of energy and emit unusually large amounts of heat, posing a fire hazard and the risk of power outages,” the email explained.

The email also added that “the devices were emitting unusually high heat dissipation”, and highlighted that the large amounts of heat emitted by the rigs made it a dangerous fire hazard.

An attached photo showed a photo of the resident’s mining equipment, which was placed beside a sofa.

The equipment was plugged into a three-way socket extension point, and there was a small standing fan on the floor that pointed towards the rig.

NUS also warned residents that cryptocurrency mining rigs are strictly banned on campus due to the safety hazard that they pose to the entire residential block.


“These devices consume extremely high levels of energy which can overload our electrical circuit boards and cause power outages,” the university emphasised.

The management office also brought up the housing agreements for residents, which strictly prohibit any activities that may cause fire, explosion, the release of toxic materials or any kind of hazard to residents.

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Investigations by NUS are currently going on, and the rigs have since been removed for the sake of everyone’s safety.

The management office also mentioned that residents who do not follow the university’s rules will face consequences.

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