M’sia Influencer’s Photo is Photoshopped So Obvious That Netizens Claim It’s to Gain Attention


While some of us are no stranger to the realm of photoshop and applications such as MeiTuXiuXiu, it may take more than an eagle-eyed individual to notice that a photo has been photoshopped.

Not this time though.

Earlier this month, Malaysian influencer and YouTuber Dior大颖 was thrust into the centre of attention after a photo of her and the Petronas Twin Towers in Malaysia went viral.

And if you’re not sure why, you’ll understand after seeing the picture.

Despite the photo looking normal at first glance, over 630 comments in the comments section said otherwise.

Many netizens pointed out how the Twin Towers were clearly distorted in the photo that Dior had posted, and naturally attributed it to the use of Photoshop.

To make things even more humorous, Dior captioned her photo with the quote, “Photos are actually just like life; we should maintain their purest and most original appearance.”

Clearly, many people didn’t see the “purity” in the photo at all.

Netizens’ Comments

As with fails like this, many of Dior’s followers were left tickled pink by the influencer’s odd Photoshop job.

Some teased her by saying that she was so powerful to the point where she could warp the shape of the Twin Towers, while others joked about how there was an “earthquake” happening in the area.

There were also a few netizens who tried their hand at photoshopping Dior for fun, although the results only made those who saw the post laugh even harder.

Might Have Done it For Attention

And although some netizens dismissed the hoo-ha as a terrible photoshop fail and Dior’s failure to check her photos before posting, others noted that Dior might have posted the obvious fail to garner more attention.

In the comments section, Dior also poked fun at the situation, saying, “I told you guys, I’m in Italy”, making a reference to the Leaning Tower of Pisa in Rome, Italy.

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Since Dior posted the photo on her social media accounts on 5 April, her post has accumulated over 10,930 likes on Instagram and 3,100 likes on Facebook.

Additionally, her post on Facebook has been shared over 1,800 times, presumably by netizens who got a good laugh out of her peculiar photograph.


However, she has not responded to the comments asking if she posted the clearly warped photo on purpose.

Perhaps only time will tell if she did.

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Featured Image: Facebook (Dior大颖)