Man Stole TP Officer’s Jacket and Police Officer’s Bag Due to His Fetish for Uniform

Ever experienced a time when you saw someone wearing a piece of clothing that you really liked but couldn’t get because, well, it was on someone else’s body?

Me too.

But I’m sure most of us probably haven’t experienced literally stealing the clothing item from the person wearing it, even if they removed it from their body for a while.

From a police officer some more.

But that’s exactly what a man did in 2019 when a Traffic Police (TP) officer removed his jacket momentarily to attend to a traffic accident.

In addition, he even stole a bag from a police car that was parked this year. The police officer driving the car was busy attending to a case.

The man, Lam Seng Yip, was also confirmed to have a fetish for uniforms.

Lam, 51, pleaded guilty to two counts of theft yesterday (27 December).

Stole TP Jacket Worth $140

According to the court hearing, Lam’s first offence of stealing the TP officer’s jacket occurred when the officer was at the cross junction of Buangkok Green Road and Yio Chu Kang Road on 20 September 2019.

The officer had proceeded there to handle an accident after parking his motorcycle on the road in front of Block 965 Hougang Avenue 9. Before attending to his case, he also took his TP jacket off and placed it on top of his motorbike.

Afterwards, Lam caught sight of the motorcycle and jacket while driving past.

The officer had not returned yet, so Lam decided to revisit the area around half an hour later to steal the jacket.

He did so after stopping his car at a different road nearby.

After approaching the scene, he took off with the officer’s jacket. The jacket, worth around $140, had the officer’s name tag and a sergeant rank epaulette on it.

Yes, the jacket’s more expensive than your typical Uniqlo jacket lah. What were you expecting?

However, the TP officer noticed Lam’s suspicious behaviour near the officer’s motorcycle, prompting him to give chase. This caused Lam to flee and drive off in his car with the jacket.

He then disposed of the name tag, rank and insignia that were initially on the jacket.

After the incident, he was arrested at a loading and unloading bay of a Housing Development Board (HDB) block in Hougang on the same day (20 September 2019), and the jacket was taken from him.

Stole Ground Response Force Bag from Parked Police Car This Year

But that’s not all.

Lam struck again on 24 June this year when he stole a ground response force bag in a police car parked in front of Block 171 Woodlands Street 11.

He did so after seeing the bag placed in the car’s back seat. The police officer who drove the police car was attending to a case, and the car’s windows were wound down.

Lam then decided to open the car door and retrieve the bag before running as far as he could. Afterwards, he decided to book a ride from Grab to go home.

When he reached home, he checked the bag’s contents, which were worth over $380. The bag contained items such as a wallet, a driving licence, credit cards, a police traffic wand, a police cap, a police raincoat, a police vest and a pair of reflective gloves.

Lam was arrested the day after his crime at his house, and the stolen items were also recovered.

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Was Diagnosed With “Paraphilic Disorder” in 2018

A report from the Institute of Mental Health (IMH) confirmed that Lam had been diagnosed with “sadomasochistic and fetishistic interests amounting to a paraphilic disorder” after seeking treatment at IMH in December 2018.

According to the report, Lam’s fetish was mainly related to uniforms of uniformed services like the military or police.

In court, the judge called for a report to assess Lam’s suitability for a mandatory treatment order.

The sentencing of his crimes was also adjourned to February of next year.

Individuals may be jailed for up to three years, fined, or both if convicted of theft.

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