Prosperity Burger to be Back at McDonald’s Tomorrow (29 Dec)


Even if you aren’t a McDonald’s fan, you’ve got to agree that their limited-time-only menu items belong in different tiers.

As they say, not all burgers (or types of fries) were made equal.

And while I don’t know what your least favourite special menu item from McDonald’s is, I’m pretty sure I can guess which is your favourite:

The Prosperity Burger.

I mean, which Singaporean doesn’t love it?

And for fans of the Chinese New Year McDonald’s special menu item, here’s some good news: McDonald’s has announced that it will be bringing the fan-favourite burger back to stores very soon as part of ushering in the Year of the Rabbit.

Even though Christmas literally just ended last weekend.

Just today, McDonald’s uploaded the following post on Facebook:

In the post, the fast food giant revealed that Singaporeans can “get ready for a prosperous feast” from 29 December this year onwards.

Before you reach for your calendar, yes, that’s tomorrow. This also means that you can eat around a month’s worth of prosperity burgers before Chinese New Year even starts, which honestly sounds heavenly.

Thankfully, the post also indicated that the Prosperity Burger will only be available after 11 am tomorrow (29 December), so you definitely don’t need to get up at 5 am just to queue for the burger.

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Other Chinese New Year Menu Items Also Making a Comeback 

Apart from the beef and chicken patties slathered in black pepper sauce, McDonald’s also shared that the golden Twister Fries that every Singaporean loves will also make a comeback for this festive season, so that’s worth keeping a lookout for as well.

In addition, McDonald’s has also been known for introducing limited-time-only McFizz drinks and pies such as peach, strawberry and red bean pies along with the Prosperity Burger, so those who have a sweet tooth can look out for their announcement as well.

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Featured Image: Facebook (McDonald’s) + McDonald’s