Giant Has Responded to the Viral Video of Worms in Eggs at Tampines Hypermarket


Maggots are a delicacy and superfood to some people, apparently. As the residential bug eater at Goody Feed, I’ve had my fair share of maggots—can’t say I really enjoyed them though.

Though, there’s one maggot dish I would love to try, and that’s the Casu Marzu.

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Well, but that’ll be stories for another time, if my editor lets me write about eating bugs.

Before I stray too far from the topic, you guys should check out this video here:

Annnnnd, that’ll be our topic of the day!

The video was posted by Mr Tang on 11 Feb at 8.04 pm, and has since gone viral with close too 300K views and 9000 shares.


In the video, we can see trays of Giant’s “Farm Fresh Egg” being infested with loads of adorable maggots. Don’t you just love how they squirm their bodies? They feel really squishy and is incredibly soft to the touch! You can even—

…I’m sorry. I keep forgetting that this isn’t an article about how wholesome maggots are.

According to a report by The Straits Times, Mr Tang was at Tampines Giant hypermarket between 6 to 7 pm.

“There were about four or five trays with the worms,” said Mr Tang. “I wanted to buy the eggs. When I removed the first tray to look at it, I realised the second and third trays were crawling with worms.”

“This is the first time I’ve seen this,” he added. “I go there about once a month and spend a few hundred bucks each time.”

However, Mr Tang did not inform any staff about the maggots as he was busy looking after his four children (Wah, Singapore thank you for your hard work man).

A spokesperson from Giant said that they did not receive any complaints from customers regarding the maggots. In fact, it was only discovered by the store operations team during their early morning routine store pre-opening check.

“The affected tray of eggs together with six other non-affected trays around it were immediately removed and discarded and the area cleaned and sanitised,” said the spokesperson.


Whew, glad that’s been taken care of!

“A report was also lodged with the supplier and their investigation into samples of the same batch of eggs did not reveal any abnormalities or issues and are safe for consumption.” added the spokesperson.

Well, it might just be an unfortunate accident when they were transporting those eggs. One broken egg might be all it takes for a breeding ground to form!

Giant has also apologised for the “unfortunate incident”, assuring customers that “there are stringent quality assurance and food safety measures in place to ensure the health and well-being of our customers”.

While maggots might be disgusting to some, I guess that’s really all there is to this story: pay attention to the food you’re buying.


Calories and fat content aside, you might just get some unexpected protein mixed within.


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