A Girl Dissed Her Ex-BF in a Jay Chou Concert That Made Even Jay Chou Speechless

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Picture this: you’re going all gaga in your idol’s concert hall, and all of a sudden the spotlight’s on you.

The whole venue goes silent as your idol looks at you from the stage, and he/she speaks into the mic, “Hi there.”

What would you do?

These few scenarios probably went through your mind:

  1. You freeze and stare blankly back at him/her.
  2. You profess your love for him/her and propose with a ring.
  3. Start shouting for no reason and go bonkers until the security team steps in.

That sounds about right. But wait, there’s one more.

Diss your ex-boyfriend, who’s in attendance at another part of the hall, right in front of a 10,000 strong audience.

Image: Imgflip

While it might surely seem unimaginable to you guys, it actually happened before.

In a Jay Chou concert, no less.

wow this girl dam fierce…dissed her ex-bf in front of so many people at Jay Chou's concert! #scarywoman #xiaoxiannu #neveroffendwomen

Posted by CMI – Cannot Make It on Sunday, 29 October 2017

What happened?

I can’t be certain, but it seems that Jay and his pals were looking for a lucky someone to pick a song AND sing along with him.

A duet with Jay Chou? Holy mama.

A girl with a bunny ear prop was chosen, and after all the initial ‘Oh my god was I chosen?’, ‘Oh my god you’re chosen!’, ‘Oh my god I’m so popz’ bullshit, the playboy bunny – I mean bunny girl, was asked to move forward a bit, and subsequently introduce herself.

“My name is Xiao Xian Nu”, she said.

Image: CMI – Cannot Make It Facebook Page

In case you weren’t aware, ‘Xiao Xian Nu’ translates to ‘Little Fairy’ in English.


Jay then asked, “How old are you this year?”

“23,” she replied.

They then started bantering about how she takes really good care of herself, before questioning whether she had a song in mind.

“Yeah,” she said cheerily. “My ex-boyfriend should be in attendance as well.”

Image: Imgflip

And then came a lot of applause, and suggestive ‘oh’s from Jay’s end.


He proceeded to jokingly question whether her ex-boyfriend was on the stage, to which she responded in kind.

Image: CMI – Cannot Make It Facebook Page

Jay then asked her to introduce her ex-boyfriend.

“I don’t know where he is,” she replied. “But he’s going to be married soon.”

A long ‘OHHHH’ from the audience resonated within the hall, before she continued, “Even though he’s ugly, and even though his eyes are blind… I still want to wish him all the best…”


Image: Imgflip

“And I want to pick the song ‘Shuan shen me nan ren’ for him.”

Everyone just cracked up.

Image: CMI – Cannot Make It Facebook Page

For the non-chinese readers (and those who have never heard of it), the song translates to ‘What kind of man am I’ in English. It laments about how the guy wasn’t courageous enough to ask the girl to stay, even though he still loved her.


All in all, not the best of songs to dedicate to your ex-boyfriend.

The speechless Jay and friends then started questioning whether the girl was especially triggered because of the marriage, and she responded by asking for the cameras to focus more on her.

“I want his wife to see how… pretty… I AM,” she said loudly.

Image: CMI – Cannot Make It Facebook Page

After another round of laughter and applause, the song commenced. Jay was his trademark soulful self, while the bunny girl tried her best to comply. Admittedly, she wasn’t the best of singers, but I’m sure everyone present could hear her pent-up emotions.


Which was surely what she was going for.


We are unsure when the incident happened, but the video was posted on CMI – Cannot Make It’s Facebook page on 30 October 2017, alongside the cheerful caption: “wow this girl dam fierce…dissed her ex-bf in front of so many people at Jay Chou’s concert! #scarywoman #xiaoxiannu #neveroffendwomen”

To date, it has been viewed over 118K times, and shared by over 1.7K people.

And there were a crap ton of comments about how it was so hilarious.

Image: CMI – Cannot Make It Facebook Page


Moral of the story

So guys, you know what to do.

NEVER date a girl who likes bunny ears and has a taste for ‘man derogatory’ songs.

Because you might just be burned live, in front of a packed concert hall.


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