GoJek Driver Mocks Passenger With ‘Racist Remarks’ During Dispute Over Pick-Up Location

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In Prime Minister Lee’s National Day Rally speech last year, he mentioned that the Government is passing a new racial harmony law.

As it suggests, it’s to manage the racial problems that are now more apparent in Singapore.

Just recently, a Ryde driver was suspended for telling a Muslim woman not to listen to prayers in the car.

And now, yet another case of racist remarks arising in private-hire cars has arrived.

Here is how everything unfolded.

Dispute Over Pick-Up Location

The incident first happened over an argument over the pick-up location. A passenger has booked a GoJek ride but the car was nowhere in sight. The ride was supposed to begin at a block along Jurong West Ave 1.

A relatively common issue if you frequently book private-hire cars.

Oddly, the driver had indicated his arrival at the pickup point when he was in fact not present. As such, the passenger proceeded to call the rider to check on his location. Little did he soon expect that he was going to be fed with such insulting remarks.

On Tuesday (11 Jan), Instagram user @decibels_ilu posted a video recording of the incident. After it was reshared on Instagram page Wake Up, Singapore, more traction started to gain.

In the phone call, @decibels_ilu could be saying “We put Block 316 (as the pick-up point), but you’re not at Block 316… don’t know where you go, and you wanna talk this kind of gibberish.”

While he was talking, the driver mumbled intelligible sounds that overpowered the passenger’s voice.

Quite obviously, the sounds uttered were meant to mock the Tamil language.

Passenger Posted Instagram Stories to Share His Encounter

On top of sharing the video of the phone call, the passenger also posted three Instagram stories.

Apparently, the driver allegedly by the name of “Dennis” kept on saying “dei, dei, dei” throughout the conversation.

The driver also mentioned that he was out at the main road instead of the pick-up point. However, even as the passengers walked out to the said location, they were unable to locate the car.


@decibels_ilu did acknowledge that he had also used unpleasant language in the heat of the moment.

Eventually, the passenger retorted to the driver, “Would you like if I were to mock you for being Chinese?”

The driver hung up.

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GoJek has Responded to the matter

In a separate Instagram story, the passenger has updated to say that GoJek has reached out to him. The driver was initially not willing to apologise for his actions.

On @decibels_ilu’s end, he relayed his apologies to the driver via GoJek for his harsh words.

He mentioned that “someone has got to be the bigger person and do something about it”.


Eventually, the passenger revealed that the driver has since said sorry for his actions.

Oh and you must be wondering, are there any concrete actions taken towards the driver?

Yes. He received three demerit points.

For comparison’s sake, terminating a ride halfway is five demerit points.

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