Good News for Yishunites: There’s a New Hawker Centre & It’s Super High-tech

Yishun hasn’t had it good this year so far: the town has been in the headlines for all the wrong reasons, with even a trailer made specifically for this infamous town.

But we all know it’s all in jest: Yishun is a good place, and it’s going to get even better.

In September 2017 (that’s less than three months from now) a new hawker centre called Yishun Park Hawker Centre will open, and it’s one heck of a hawker centre.

Located along Yishun Ave 11 and Yishun Ring Road, it’s a little far from the MRT station, but still within walking distance from the station if you’re willing to walk 20 minutes (at least, according to Google Maps).

Image: Google Maps

So, it’s just another hawker centre. What’s so special?

Before anything, here’s one interesting fact: this hawker centre will be managed by Timbre+, the operator who created the hipster hawker centre Timbre+.


This new hawker centre in Yishun will have 45 cooked stalls, and each stall is required to have at least one meal that cost just $3—this is to ensure that there’re affordable meals in the hawker centre (and, you know, not to turn a hawker centre into hipster centre like some ongoing bazaar #justsaying).

This system of having a mandatory low-cost option has created two school of thoughts, with one thinking that it’ll “destroy” the hawker culture due to the restriction and another thinking that it’s good for the residents altogether.

Now, here’s the second thing that makes this hawker centre so special: there’s going to be an app that allows you to order your meal electronically. Think of it as the tablets you see in some restaurants that have completely substituted servers: it works the same way, except that you’re using your own phone instead of a tablet.

There hasn’t been much info about the app yet, but my guess is that to prevent abuse, there’re going to be measures pertaining to payment…which leads to the next point.

Patrons can pay with the app, and with that, they’ll get 10% off for their food or drinks. And to make it even more high-tech, you can even store credits in your app. Now, that’s the perfect marriage between a loyalty programme and convenience!

Within the centralized dishwashing area, there’s a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tray return system that supposedly reduce the cleaners’ workload, though that hasn’t been revealed on how it works.

To even foster a community, they’ll also air sports matches on large screen. You know, like Yishun FC vs Manchester United FC.

And finally, there’re pinball machines and arcade games in the hawker centre, kind of like those we have in some army camp canteens.

It seems like people are going to flock over to Yishun real soon, and forget that they once asked for a wall to be built around it.

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