Grab Down 2nd Time in 3 Days as Uber To Extend Services: 6 Topics S’poreans Are Talking About Today (7 Apr)

For the second time in three days, Grab is down again. And Uber is going to live longer, but not because of Grab’s downtime.

Here are six topics that Singaporeans are talking about today, courtesy of your friendly, neighbourhood Goody Feed 😉

Grab App Down Again, Uber to Extend Services Until 15 Apr

Remember when we said that Uber experienced its last surge in S’pore before it stops operation in Singapore? Well, we were wrong.

Previously, Uber prices surged because the Grab app went down. And just yesterday, the Grab application went down again.

The second time in three days.

Image: Grab Facebook via Channel Newsasia

It’s unknown how long the downtime was, but it was relatively short. Nevertheless, according to an anonymous source to Channel NewsAsia, Uber experienced a surge (what’s new?).

And netizens are not happy.

Now, for those who are crying at the thought of only depending on the Grab app (since it’s so unreliable), this will cheer you up.

The Uber app will extend its services to 15 Apr 2018.


But it’s not because of the downtime. If it is, I’ll keep praying for Grab to break down.

It’s because the Competition and Consumer Commission of Singapore (CCCS) need more time to review proposed interim measures for Grab-Uber deal.

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So that Grab won’t monopolise the whole market mah.

P/S: If you frequently take private-hire car services, it might be a good idea to sign up for the Grab-NTUC collaboration. Don’t say bojio hor!

Own a Motorcycle Registered Before 2003? The Govt Is Paying You Up To $3.5K To Deregister It

Are you a motorcyclist? Is your motorbike registered before July 2003?


If it is, there’s something you need to know: The government wants to get rid of your motorcycle.


And they’re willing to shell out cash for it.


For bike owners who registered their motorcycle before Jul 2003, deregister them within the next 5 years and you’ll get up to $3,500 cash.

You’ll get $2,000, and an additional $1,500 if you don’t renew your COE. Unused COE will also have rebates.

If you don’t know what’s that, watch our video here. It’s about cars, but COE…same same lah.

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How to know if you’re eligible for this cash reward? Just check your mailbox.

NEA will send you a letter if you’re eligible for the scheme.

This is the carrot.

The stick? After incentive ends, they’ll clamp down on motorbike smoke emission.

Older bikes tend to emit more smoke, so if your bike doesn’t meet the standard, you won’t be allowed to use it on the roads.


You Can Scatter Your Loved Ones’ Ashes At Sea Along Tanah Merah Shoreline In 2019

If you’re Chinese, you have to visit the columbarium where your ancestors’ ashes were placed and give offerings.

Or if your grandparents are growing old and frail, they’d have booked a place for themselves and paid thousands of dollars for the spot.

And then, we have those who prefer to have their ashes scattered at sea.

Family members will have to hire a boat and travel to a designated site located 2.8km South of Pulau Semaku.

If you’re intending to scatter the ashes of your loved ones at sea, things are going to get more convenient for you.


A new sea burial facility will be built along the shoreline of Tanah Merah, with a boardwalk extending into the sea.


It will have four pavilions with shelter for 28 people and it’s opened to the public, regardless of race or religion.

Scattering of ashes at sea in Singapore costs about $100 without any rituals and four to five hundred bucks for ceremonies.

Nurse Who Molested 6 Girls Within 2 Weeks Jailed And Cane

The world is filled with sick people, those who preyed on others more vulnerable than them.

And Singapore isn’t an exception.

Like 39-year-old Aldrin Illias. He ambushes young girls between the age of 10-15 years old at overhead bridges and molested them.


He’d stick masking tape on his fingers to avoid leaving fingerprints and avoided CCTV and police cameras.

He also had an extra set of clothes and spectacles, which he’d change into to prevent his victims from recognising him.

He molested six girls within a span of two weeks and exposed himself to two young girls.

Two police officers ambushed him on an overhead bridge on 21 July at Anchorvale road.


While speaking to the officers, he tried to remove the masking tape but two fell to the ground.

And the rest, as they say, was history.

He was sentenced to 3 years jail and 10 strokes of the cane.

S’pore R&B Singer Finally Paid By Event Organisers After Tweeting About It Online

Never underestimate the power of social media. It’s the latest watcher of good and bad deeds in our world today.

We’re all familiar with late payments from clients. And it doesn’t matter the size of your client.

All you can do is to chase after your point of contact, call every week and, generally, feel like a pest.

For trying to get money that was promised to you.


Funny how the world works, huh?

That was what happened to Singapore R&B singer, Samantha Rui, who was owed money by Ultra Singapore for a performance she put up last year.

After sending emails and getting ignored for a year, she couldn’t take it anymore and tweet about it.

Image: Twitter

And she posted a story about it too.

Image: Instagram Story via mothership,sg

Plus a couple other posts about email correspondence.

And voila, she got paid.

Image: Twitter

Lesson to learn here? Social media is a good tool to get back what you deserve.

But of course lah, don’t anyhow post because you might just get flamed. Like this lady and her $48 cake.

Starhub To Roll Out 1Gbps Mobile Data Speed But There’s A Catch

In 2017, Singtel was rated the fastest mobile data speed provider by Ookla’s speed test report.


With an upload speed of 19.27Mbps and download speed of 49.8Mbps.

But you might see very different findings in 2018.


Starhub announced on Friday, 6 Apr, that they will be rolling out a 1Gbps network for users of Starhub’s Unlimited Weekend postpaid plans.

Image : Meme Generator

However, it’ll only be available in the CBD, Orchard Road, Bedok, Bishan, Clementi, and Tampines areas.

This comes after Singtel announced that smartphones able to surf the 4G network at 1Gbps speeds will be available for sale from the second half of 2018.

The war for unlimited data might be over, but the war for the fastest connection has just started.

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