Grab Confirmed to Buy Uber in S’pore: 10 Topics S’poreans Are Talking About Today (26 Mar)


For the past few months, Uber and Grab has been giving a lot of mixed signals.

First, there are rumours of Uber selling to Grab, then their CEO came forward and say they’re investing more aggressively in Southeast Asia.

Well, you can stop guessing already because it’s a done deal.

Here are 10 topics that Singaporeans are talking about today you need to know.

Uber S’pore Selling To Grab Confirmed


Our worst fears have been confirmed: Uber is selling its Southeast Asia business to Grab for a 27.5 percent stake in the company.

Here’s a comprehensive overview of the situation:

Grab has announced confirmation of the deal and will take over Uber operations and assets in Singapore, Malaysia, Cambodia, Indonesia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam.

And they’ll be expanding Grabfood delivery business (in which Uber Eats will be converted to this new service) into Singapore and Malaysia.

I guess we can also say goodbye to competitive prices, promo codes and good incentives.


With Grab (most probably) being the future king of the private-hire industry here, it might be a good time to sign up for the Fairprice-Grab collaboration.

I’m talking about 20% OFF Grab rides every month, don’t say bojio hor.


New Hawker Centre To Open in Bukit Panjang by 2020

Here’s the unspoken truth in Singapore: Food is Life.


So when they report that a new hawker centre will be built in Bukit Panjang, the Panjang people be like


Called the Senja Hawker Centre, it will have 38 cooked food stalls at the second level, and a car park with 82 lots right below it.

And get this, there’ll be a roof garden right above the hawker centre, so you can walk off your food after eating.

They specifically chose the location as it’s a pretty new area, with a growing population. And there are not enough eating places.

Here’s hoping this hawker centre doesn’t end up like the Pioneer one.

The stall owners are so busy right now…beating houseflies. Could be the fact that the food stalls aren’t located on the first floor, so it’s inaccessible in people’s minds.

Orange-Red Flowers Blooming On a Tree Captivates CCK Residents

Before we begin writing anything, here, take a look at this.


No, it’s not exceptionally huge flobber worms hanging from the tree trunk.

It’s the flowers of the tree itself. Called the Saraca indica tree, it is known for producing clusters of flowers without petals.


The flowers will bloom yellow, then turn orange and red. Between February to May of every year, the whole tree might be covered with flowers.

Now, who says there’s nothing cool in the west?

Joseph Schooling Might Not Have Performed Well At NCAA Meets But Win Hugo Boss Affections

No, we’re not talking about a boss called Hugo.


We’re talking about the brand.


If you’ve read recent reports about Joseph Schooling, you’d have known that he wasn’t performing well at the recent NCAA meets.

And how netizens diss him for being complacent.


But after he announced his decision for turning professional, Hugo Boss appointed him as their first Singaporean ambassador.


And with that, he joined the ranks of Chris Hemsworth and Swedish professional golfer, Henrik Stenson.

 “As a youthful talent with a relentless drive for success, he is a perfect fit for the brand,” Hugo Boss South-East Asia managing director Steven Lam said.

And this is one of the many commercial deals that he’ll announce in the following days.

Wished I’ve chased after my dreams a lot more, huh. 


Suspect Involved in Shooting Incident 38 Years Ago Arrested

Yesterday, we wrote about how crime doesn’t pay in Singapore. And now, a man believed to be involved in a shooting incident 38 years ago was arrested.

Yes. 38 years ago.

The SPF announced that the 63-year-old man, Seow Lam Seng, was caught in Penang with the help of the Royal Malaysia Police.

He was extradited to Singapore on 24 Mar.

38 years ago, Seow was with his friend, Lee Ah Fatt, at Tanjong Katong Road. They were stopped by the police for suspicious behaviour.

Seow was allegedly found with a pistol when Lee took out his own gun and pointed it at the policemen.

In the ensuing struggle, Seow escaped while Lee died in the confrontation.


Seow has been on the run since then and will be charged in court on Monday.

“Nothing Beats The Refreshing Scent of A Freshly Cleaned Child”: Advertising Gone Wrong

When it comes to advertising, the size of the company doesn’t matter. Big or small, you’ll make mistakes, just like this well-known company.

Image: Dettol Facebook Page

First thing first, noticed anything wrong with the ad?

“Nothing beats the refreshing scent of a freshly-cleaned child. Let your family refresh with Dettol Cool today.”


You can say it’s a bit…

But then again, it really depends on what your inner voice sounds like.

If it’s like mine, yeah, the ad sounds like a paedophile writing about his obsession. That or a cannibal.

But if it’s normal, wait-I wouldn’t know. I’m always in creepy mode. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Three Man Arrested At Bukit Batok Coffee Shop For Taking Drugs

We might always be laughing at Yishun, but it turns out Bukit Batok, where our office is located, might not be much better off.

If you were at this Bukit Batok coffee shop on 24 Mar at around 10 am, you’ll see this.


No, it’s not another fight. This time, the three men were suspected to be taking drugs.

In broad daylight. And two of them lost consciousness.


It was reported that police officers on patrol were alerted to the incident by a passer-by.

Searching the men, the officers found drugs, including unidentifiable pills and one unknown substance.

The men were arrested for suspected drug-related offences.

Teachers Need to Pay For Parking Liao at Schools and JCs

I have a friend who used to park at a nearby school and walk to her workplace. Because it’s free.

Guess what? Those days are going to be over soon.


It was reported on Today that new parking charges for schools and Junior Colleges will be implemented in the second half of 2018.

There are two different tiers of charges:


  • $720 annually for uncovered lots
  • $960 annually for covered lots


  • $123 annually for uncovered lots
  • $135 annually for covered lots

The issue of offering free or cheap parking for teachers was raised in 2015 because of the Auditor-General’s disapproval of such practices.

They claim that this practice provides hidden subsidies for vehicle parking.

Seems like cars are really getting more expensive for any Singaporean, even if you’re a teacher. Here’s a video we’ve done on how pricey cars are:

You may want to subscribe to our YouTube channel for more informative videos like this!

53-Year-Old Man Arrested For Trying To Rob Woman At Bedok Reservoir Road

A man allegedly tried to snatch a woman’s money at an ATM machine at Block 745, Bedok Reservoir Road.

The police said that this happened around 9.15 am on Sunday, 25 Mar.


After receiving the report, police officers from Bedok division conducted extensive ground enquiries and managed to narrow down the identity of the man.

He was arrested one and a half hour later just 200m from the crime scene.

Moral of the story: crime doesn’t pay well here.

New Study Shows Long-Term Antibiotic For Women is Dangerous

Do you take antibiotics often? And even then, do you take it for two months or longer?


Well, ladies, you might want to stop doing that.

A new US research suggested that women who take antibiotics for a long time might stand a higher chance of dying from heart disease and other causes.

Looking at 37,150 women aged 60 and above, it was found that women who took antibiotics for “two months or longer in late adulthood” are 27 percent likelier to die from all causes.

So, next time, if your doctor asks you to finish the entire course of antibiotics, ask if it’s necessary, and try not to do it.

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