Passenger Makes Racist Remarks on IG After a Dispute with Grab Driver


We all sigh a little when we see our Grab ride being a tad pricey. Maybe we even complain to our friends afterwards.

But one individual made her complaint a very public issue—all because of an additional seven dollars.

Unfairly Charged Seven Dollars More

On Monday (1 March), Praise Wong posted a series of complaints on Instagram about her recent Grab ride. All of which is now a highlight on her page.

Image: Instagram (reiwng_)

According to her, she was charged seven dollars more than the quoted price of $13+. When she asked about the fare, the driver allegedly explained that it was because she had booked a larger vehicle under GrabXL.

She claimed that she was charged only $14.80 for the same trip in a similar vehicle the day before.

Called Out Driver’s Race & Said He was Poor

However, in the process of making her complaint, she turned the tables against herself by calling out the driver’s race and following with a racially charged comment.

Wong referred to her driver as “malay” and said, “Bro I know you poor but don’t need to resort to lying and deceit.”

She later claimed that the driver had insulted her too by calling her a “cheapo”, an accusation she described to be “libel”.

Image: Instagram (reiwng_)

Praised Grab’s Response

In subsequent stories, Wong showed Grab refunding her trip’s fare and acknowledging her Instagram story complaint.

Image: Instagram (reiwng_)

Finally satisfied with something, she commented, “Not too bad customer service after all.”

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Netizens Call Out Her Racism

But the drama was not over.

After viewing her stories, some netizens privately messaged Wong to correct her behaviour.

One user said, “I get that you’re upset but there’s no need to highlight his race here.”

Image: Instagram (reiwng_)

Justifying herself and remaining unapologetic, Wong shared a screenshot of the chat and said she did not insult the general population. She added, “If the shoe fits? Wear it.”

Another user was more forthright and said, “Wow racist much.”

To which, Wong denied so, claiming that “racism is highly subjective”. She also added that she would still have called the driver out if he was Indian or Chinese.


She then followed with examples of how she would have commented on the other races.

Image: Instagram (reiwng_)

Uh, not helping your case much?

Kumar Gets Involved

Making reference to stand-up comedian Kumar who makes race-related jokes, Wong also posted:

Image: Instagram (reiwng_)

Kumar reacted promptly, taking to his own Instagram stories to clarify that he does race-based jokes but isn’t racist.

Image: Instagram (theofficialkumarsg)

He further stressed the importance of being sensitive towards other races.


Continued Justifying Racist Comment

A few days after the huge saga, Wong continued to post an Instagram story justifying her racist comment. She claimed that “if they can’t be earning good money, they are criminals”.

Image: Instagram (reiwng_)

Quite ironically, in the same story, she also said she has “deep concern for the malays”. Now, that’s a little hard to believe.

Moral of the story: Grab prices are high? Don’t need to complain. Just take MRT lah. 

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