Man Claims GrabFood Delivery Rider Makes Racist Remarks After She Couldn’t Find Unit Number in Order


We’ve had our fair share of members of the public being racist to Grab drivers and GrabFood delivery riders.

In an unexpected turn of events however, a man is currently claiming that a GrabFood delivery rider made racist remarks after failing to find his unit number.

Here’s what happened.

GrabFood Delivery Rider Hurling Vulgarities and Racist Remarks

A Facebook post shared by a user named Amritpal Singh has recently caught the attention of Singaporeans on social media.

The post recounts his experience with a GrabFood delivery rider who apparently started making racist remarks about Singh after being unable to find his unit number.

On Wednesday (8 Dec), a friend of Singh’s had reportedly made an order for cupcakes from Twelve Cupcakes via the GrabFood platform to Singh’s home, in celebration of Singh’s birthday.

What began as a pleasant birthday surprise found itself evolving into another type of surprise for Singh.

The GrabFood delivery rider, a woman named Suziyani Binte Sumsudin was unable to find Singh’s unit number.

When she finally did, she started hurling racist remarks at Singh, but not before throwing the box of cupcakes onto the shoe rack table outside Singh’s house.

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Reportedly, the delivery rider had said: “Stupid indian, rude keling people, don’t know how to answer phone call”.

When Singh inquired into what the issue was, the woman merely continued hurling vulgarities and racist remarks as she walked down the corridor.

Perhaps she’s just angsty because she hasn’t gotten her Assurance Package GST payouts yet?

Rude Remarks Also Sent to Singh’s Friend 

The GrabFood delivery rider tried to contact Singh’s friend, who placed the order, as well.

As Singh’s friend had missed the first two calls from the rider, she picked up the third call only to be greeted rudely by the rider demanding for Singh’s unit number.

The chat session between the delivery rider and Singh’s friend wasn’t any better either.

Image: Facebook (Amritpal Singh)

Among the string of messages, the delivery rider even sent a message reading “dah keling.. keling jugak nak suruh kita call” to Singh’s friend.

“Keling is a racial slur that is derogatory, insulting and downright racist. Its like using the N-word,” Singh shared in his post.

Singh also noted that the unit number was already keyed in the note to delivery riders section.

Image: Facebook (Amritpal Singh)

In spite of that, the delivery rider still repeatedly asked for Singh’s unit number in a rude manner.

Man Hopes for Grab to Take Action

Singh also shared how he hopes for Grab to take action regarding this incident.


“Even if my friend had not answered the call, the unit number was already mentioned in the notes. And even then no matter what, the delivery lady could always complain to grab about this instead of surprising me with such a service delivery and being all so racist about it,” Singh added in his post.

He also noted how this was not the first time his friend had delivered items to him through Grab, yet this was the first time such an issue had cropped up.

Singh had apparently tried to seek recourse through the Grab helpline and chatting with Grab online, but to no avail.

As a result, he has taken to Facebook to air his concerns in hopes of either receiving an apology from the delivery rider or an update from Grab on the situation at hand.

Should all else fail, Singh plans to make a police report of this incident.

The Chronicles of GrabFood Riders

Just last month, another GrabFood rider found himself in Singaporeans’ crosshairs, but for an entirely different reason.


His crime? Online shaming the wealthy.

The delivery rider had taken to Facebook to air his woes about receiving minimal tips from “rich” people. His opinion was slammed by many netizens.

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Featured Image: Hafiz Johari / + Facebook (Amritpal Singh)