GrabFood Rider Allegedly Punched Taxi Driver for Honking at Him Twice


Drivers often confess to dreaming of resorting to violence when they get mad on the road. Maybe it’s the anonymity of sitting inside your vehicle or maybe it’s the lack of a proper outlet for stress.

Either way, no one really acts on their impulses…or so we think.

A few days ago, Mr Lin, a 59-year old taxi driver, was punched four times on the road. There was no verbal altercation—just two honks, and he was assaulted by a 41-year old GrabFood delivery driver.

Hit the Streets

On 26 March, Mr Lin was driving down Choa Chu Kang near a bus stop when he was punched four times on his face and waist by a GrabFood delivery driver on a motorcycle.

So, what happened?

The delivery rider has allegedly changed lanes all of a sudden, nearly hitting his taxi. Mr Lin then honked at him to alert him.

Enraged, the delivery driver raised the middle finger at him, which made Mr Lin honk again.

The rider then disembarked his motorcycle and strode towards Mr Lin, who rolled down his window because he thought the rider just wanted to speak with him.

However, without a word of warning, the rider punched him thrice in the face. Mr Lin fell onto the passenger seat to hide from the blows, but the driver just kept pummelling his lower body. 

The assault only ended when a teenager stopped the rider and called the police, while the rider fled the scene. 

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Police and Apologies

The police raced to the scene, but what was completely unexpected was that the rider returned ten minutes later to apologise to Mr Lin for the assault.

Mr Lin was unrelenting, telling the rider to speak to the police instead of him. The rider was then arrested while Mr Lin was sent to the hospital. 

The case is currently under investigation and Mr Lin is still in recovery.

“The moral of the story is to not roll down your windows in these situations,” Mr Lin commented to Zaobao

To be fair, who could have expected it?

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Featured image: Zaobao