2 Men Fought Outside Great World City & People Just Walked Past Like They’re Selling Something

Two men were fighting outside Great World City, with one man clearly winning the fight.

But the best (or the worst) part? People just walked past the fight nonchalantly, as if it was just another stall they were walking by. Amazing.

“Jio Ang Mo To Go Outside”

A video of the fight was posted on Facebook, with the caption: “Local guy purposely knock into Ang mo at Great World city den still jio Ang mo to go outside!”

The actual video doesn’t provide any context since the person started filming mid-fight, but if the caption is true, then it was the blue-shirted man who started the fight.

However, the tables were turned as it’s pretty clear that the bald man (who is both mask-less and shoe-less) has both a size and skill advantage.

As of writing this article, the video has 331 thousand views despite only being posted 18 hours ago.

People Walking Into The Mall As Fight Continues

The bald man was pummeling the other guy, sending him retreating to a glass wall and falling to the ground.

With a flurry of kicks and punches, the blue-shirted man was sent to the ground, where he then took more punches to his head and upper body. It really makes you wonder what he did to earn this bald guy’s wrath.

While the fight was going on, you can see a couple walking past the fighting duo and into the mall. While it seemed like they didn’t even notice the fight, you can see them looking back after entering the safety of the mall.

You can also see people walking towards the mall’s exit, only to stop walking out when they saw the fight happening.

The video ends abruptly with someone yelling “stop, stop” at the duo.

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Netizens Reactions

Many people commented that the bald man seemed trained, and that the blue-shirted man shouldn’t have picked a fight:

Image: Facebook
Image: Facebook
Image: Facebook

Some commenters also pointed out the difference in skill level, saying that calling this a ‘fight’ is an understatement:

Image: Facebook
Image: Facebook

But on a more serious note, please don’t fight random strangers in public. There’s always a more peaceful way of settling things.

Those convicted of voluntarily causing hurt can be jailed for up to two years or fined up to S$5,000, or punished with both.

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Featured Image: Facebook (Patrick Tan)