‘Tetris-inspired’ GR.iD Mall, an IG-Worthy Shopping Mall, Officially Opens in Selegie Road


The OG’s will remember stopping by POMO mall for our well-beloved Gu Thai boat noodles after a wild night of dancing at Clarke Quay. Oh, memories of filling your stomach with piping, hot flavourful soup that has that immaculate spice–

But Pomo’s no more and instead, what greets us is a futuristic, cyberpunk-worthy fun hang-out mall called the GR.iD.

Created by SPARK architects, GR.iD was created as a “youth-focused” development space that encapsulates the vibrant and stunning culture present in the Selegie education district.

The district is known for students who live and breathe the arts as nearby institutes include Lasalle College of the Arts, Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA), and School of the Arts Singapore (SOTA).

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the GR.iD mall launch was delayed in 2020.

Instead, the mall opted for a soft launch on 12 February that included the operation of several eateries that has since been featured heavily on TikTok under the #sgeats tag.

What To Look Out For at GR.iD Mall

Beyond their Tetris-inspired façade, GR.iD mall aspires to be the pinnacle of hangouts where visitors, specifically students, can go to “study, eat, and play,” said Ms Diane Aw, the asset management director of Gaw Capital, the mall’s developer.

Visitors of the mall can expect a pool of unique and never-before-seen concepts that extends to the selection of food and entertainment hosted in the mall. One notable example is Smile Dessert, which is an aesthetic, all-pink café that serves mouth-watering pastry.

Students can definitely find their share of fun within this 92,000 sq ft development as the mall exteriors and interiors can serve as prime OOTD photo-taking spots.

Image: Facebook (Gr.id)

You don’t have to worry about GR.iD looking like every previous mall you have been to in Singapore as there’s an emphasis being made to select “unique, independent and owner-operated tenants” that play into the mall’s “eatertainment” model. This includes establishments like choir dance studio, MADDSpace, and open kitchen concept diner, House On The Moon.

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How To Get To GR.iD Mall

If you are pumped to take a look at this vibrant hang-out for yourself, get there by taking the Downtown Line where you can alight and walk there from Bencoolen MRT station.

(And don’t worry, there’s a place within GR.iD that sells Thai boat noodles until 1 am too, just like the old times.)

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Featured Image: Facebook (Gr.id) & Google Maps