GRUB Burger Bistro Will Be Moving to Orchard After They Close in Bishan Next Month

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In Singapore, we regard food to be a source of blissful enjoyment.

Many eateries here provide that, but none are quite like GRUB Singapore — a bistro located in Bishan Park. Known for its menu inspired by local flavours with a touch of Japanese influence, it is nothing less than unique.

This is the reason why many of us felt the soul-crushing effect of their closing-down announcement.

GRUB Bishan Park Outlet Closes on 15 February 2022

GRUB has had to bid its teary farewells when it shared that it was closing its doors on 15 February 2022.

On 26 September 2021, GRUB suddenly shared that it will be closing by January 2022. They were unable to renew their lease because it was an open tender and there were higher bidders.

In a saddening Facebook post, they mentioned that “after building this place up from an empty patch of land and spending 9 years with the community, we are in shock that this space will no longer be our home”.

While they did get a brief respite for managing to get an extension for their lease until February 2022, it was still hard to imagine parting ways with customers.

With 10,000 Facebook followers, GRUB has won the hearts of many people. They even made a QR code for customers to stay in touch with them online, following their closing.

Regardless, there was still an element of hope as they mentioned that they were looking for new locations.

Happily Ever After: New Location Found

Just as we were prepared for the worst, a pleasant surprise arrives; GRUB has found a new home at 30 Stevens Road.

They’ve got you to thank, as they wrote that they “would not have weathered the past few months without your encouragement and support”.

While the scenery is no longer heightened by the thriving flora and fauna of Bishan Park, the new spot offers a “garden for the kids to stretch their legs a little”, as stated in their Facebook post.

But do not get too excited just yet — they have yet to release further details about the location.

For those who are raring to celebrate this news, you can give them a visit at their existing location. Located not far from Bishan MRT station, getting there is highly convenient for your celebratory meal.

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Wait, What About The Cheesecakes?

Crying over the loss of your beloved GRUB burnt cheesecakes at Bishan?

In a Facebook video, they mentioned that they’ve “opened a new production kitchen with a drive-through collection point”. It will be located at CT HUB 2 along Lavender Street.


Even after the Bishan Park outlet closes, cakes will still be made and sold there, so you can dry your tears!

Food For All

For those who have never tried GRUB before and wants to know more, I got your back.

GRUB Singapore is a friendly family bistro offering a variety of dishes. From Shrimp Paste Chicken with Waffles to White Pepper Crabcake Burger, the possibilities are seriously endless.

According to them, their dishes are “responsibly sourced and delicious”.

Sounds good, right? You can visit their website and view their menu (complete with mouth-watering pictures) before making your way down!

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