This Guy Who Asked For Likes Before He Propose to His GF Has Gone Viral For the Wrong Reason


Nowadays, people place so much importance in “likes” that it’s getting a little ridiculous. Yeah, I’m talking about “likes” on social media platforms like Facebook. In a way, it’s how some people get recognition in this time and age (attention seeking much?).

And then, we have those who post updates like this:


Oh right, it’s in Chinese. Well, allow me to roughly tell you what this is about.

It’s basically a guy asking people if he should marry his girlfriend. Well, I suppose this sounds reasonable.

You know, maybe he is seeking everyone’s opinions due to some legitimate concern.

Then comes the second part of his post, saying that he will marry the girl in question if the “likes” for the post exceed an amount “known only to him”.


(Are you being serious right now?)

Geez, some babies were accidentally dropped onto the floor when they were born. This guy might have been thrown at a wall.

If you’re attempting to make such an important decision via “likes”, then you’re probably not ready for marriage.

And I’m glad I’m not the only one who felt this way.


The post above reads (loosely translated),

” If you’re deciding whether to get married or not based on “likes”, then you better not. She might not be happy with someone like you after all”.

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“You’re using “likes” to determine whether you’ll marry her? Shouldn’t you know that in your heart by now?”

“Idiocy knows no bounds”

Glad these people felt the same as I do at the moment.

Then, we have some people who are looking at the bigger picture.


“…he will probably need “likes” to help him decide whether to give birth in the future too…”

I think the best part of this entire saga was when the guy in question decided to ask this question.


“Why?” (As in, why was he getting flamed by everyone)

In response to the post, he replied


Basically, he’s saying that he is certain that he wants to marry the girl. The purpose of the post is for him to let others know that he has a caring girlfriend.


Subsequently, after receiving advice from other netizens, he edited his post, claiming that he is not trying to be a showoff.

The guy is just trying to get some likes and blessings for his girlfriend and wanted people to know that not all women are gold diggers.

Well, the post is still really attention seeking in nature, despite him claiming that he is not trying to showoff. I mean, all social media posts are attention seeking in nature, don’t get me wrong.

If the girl is really okay with this guy, well, who are we to judge, right? At the end of the day, let’s just hope that they are happy together.

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