Guys Acted out a ‘Kidnap’ Scene for Bachelor Party & The Security Guard Called the Police Instead


Acting’s a dangerous profession.

Wondering what the hell I’m rambling about? Read on.

See, acting involves deceit and lies, two traits that aren’t exactly associated with a sparkling rainbow.

And the worst case scenario? The police could be called in. And I’m not even kidding.

Just check out the case below.

On 25 November, a man was kidnapped by two other men outside a factory in Sungei Kadut.

Now, this would usually be pretty groundbreaking news, and perhaps even one that warrants the front page. Had it not been for one small complication:

The kidnapping was fake. In fact, it was part of a bachelor party prank (although whoever planned the prank obviously had a weird fetish or two).

But a security guard didn’t know about it. And like any sane security guard would, he proceeded to call the cops.

What exactly happened?

According to Shin Min Daily News, the ‘kidnapped’ man was a Caucasian engineer working at a factory close by.

He was apparently walking out of the factory’s gates when two other Caucasian men reportedly placed a hood over his head and forced him into a waiting car.

Other than the security guard, a worker had witnessed the incident as well, and described it as follows:

“I saw the man walking out the gates of the factory.

“The two other men shouted at him and took him by surprise, quickly placing a black hood over his head.”

The two men then tried to carry the man off, but the latter kept struggling, causing the three of them to collapse onto a grass patch beside the road.

After a quick situational check, the two men decided to bind the hands of the ‘victim’ before carrying him off.


“They attempted to throw the man into the boot of a waiting car, but discovered that he wouldn’t fit, so they tossed him into the backseat instead, and drove away.

“I was stunned when I saw the three of them struggling on the ground.

“I didn’t know whether to offer help or to call the police.”

After the three men left, the security guard reportedly felt compelled to call the police.


It was a prank

At the end of the day, there were at least six patrol vehicles and nearly 20 officers at the scene.

5 or 6 of them had to explain to the security guard that it was a prank.

Other than that, it seems that the situation was understood, and no underlying charges were pressed.

Nevertheless, this entire goof-up proved two things.


Acting’s a potential threat.


Don’t stage kidnapping scenes in front of live audience members, because reactions might exceed expectations.

#wisewords #ifimaysaysomyself

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Featured image: Shin Min Daily News