HaiDiLao Claims Renovation Was Planned Before They Were Suspended

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Okay lor, whatever you say lor. It’s a small world after all, so coincidences are bound to happen, right?

So your suspension just nice kena same period as your renovation lor, what else can I say, right?

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Oh yes, in case you have no idea what I’m talking about, here’s an article regarding the whole HaiDiLao suspension incident.

Basically, the HaiDiLao store at Clarke Quay was suspended due to hygiene issues and “has accumulated 12 demerit points over the last 12 months and fined a total of $800 for the following offences”.

Following the announcement, Channel NewsAsia reported that HaiDiLao would be closed for renovation from 10 Feb onwards, which will commence at the same period as their suspension.

Image: channelnewsasia.com

Well, ain’t that some coincidence.

According to Channel NewsAsia, HaiDiLao has retrained its staff in food preparation procedures and a new food safety management system has also been introduced to prevent such incidents from happening in the future.

“The company also sought assistance from the National Environment Agency for comments and guidance to improve our food safety management system,” said the spokesperson from HaiDiLao. “HaiDiLao promises that food safety and food quality remains a priority in all the stores globally.”

Renovation was already planned

In the same interview by Channel NewsAsia, HaiDiLao said that the renovation works were already planned before the suspension. Said renovation is expected to be completed by late March.

Well, I’m not going to call them a liar or anything, since coincidences as such do happen every now and then.

But why were they taking reservations for the Lunar New Year period if renovation works were already planned?

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Anyway, HaiDiLao has also added that the customers who had made a reservation with their outlet will also get a discount on their next visit.

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Said customers can also choose to dine at another HaiDiLao outlet and receive a whopping 30% discount! They will also be served by the outlets’ managers—though I have no idea what difference this will make.

“We apologise for any inconvenience caused to our customers,” said the spokesperson for HaiDiLao.

Well, I guess suspension isn’t such a bad thing for the customers after all, eh? I’m pretty sure that 30% off HaiDiLao is quite a lot of money, considering how expensive HaiDiLao is. Makes you wish you’re one of the affected customers, huh?

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