Hardcore Razer Fan Tattooed Razer CEO’s Face to Get a Free Razer Phone

Would you get a permanent tattoo of someone’s face on your leg, just to get a cool new phone for free?

Because this guy certainly did.

Image: Matt Connelly Facebook Page
Image: Matt Connelly Facebook Page
Image: memesbot.com

Is that phone a device that can teleport you through dimensions or something?

What exactly happened?

In case you’re unaware, Razer recently released a smartphone, and it’s pretty slick.

Image: MobySmartCat/Youtube

Understandably, people have been pretty eager to get it. Heck, I would get it too, if I had the necessary funds.

But one might have been too particularly so.

Matt Connelly, 28, had left a comment on Razer’s Singaporean CEO Tan Min-Liang’s Facebook post in November, asking if he could “get the highly-anticipated gaming smartphone for free in exchange for the tattoo of Tan’s face.”

And guess what? Tan agreed, with a reply that read, “Lol sure – permanent tattoo and I’ll be sure to sign the box when I send it out!”

Image: Min-Liang Tan Facebook Page

With the verbal contract sealed, Connelly set about getting the ink done. He even gave the piece a name: The TerMINator.

Image: Min-Liang Tan Facebook Page
Image: Min-Liang Tan Facebook Page

Gotta admit; that’s a fitting name.

Connelly then proceeded to message Tan: “The TerMINator! As Promised Min-Liang Tan”

Image: Min-Liang Tan Facebook Page

An all new level

The Razer CEO followed it up by posting their “little exchange” on his social media site.

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“The Razer Phone has been sold out constantly due to the insane demand and we’ve been doing everything to keep it in stock….but there are those who would go to all extents to get a Razer Phone and Matt C has taken it to an all new level – by tattooing my face on himself.

“Congrats Matt – well played.”

Image: Min-Liang Tan Facebook Page

Well-played indeed, Matt.

I hope it’s worth it.

So… is the deal set and done?

Connelly has since told Channel News Asia that he’s currently in correspondence with a Razer employee in regards to his new phone. The report also confirmed that “the company would be sending over a brand new Razer phone, signed by Tan.”

Trying their luck

Seeing how Connelly got his “lucky break”, other Netizens have busy putting forth their own proposals as well.

Image: Min-Liang Tan Facebook Page
Image: Min-Liang Tan Facebook Page
Image: Min-Liang Tan Facebook Page

Although there were some who evidently thought that Connelly had sold himself short.

Image: Min-Liang Tan Facebook Page
Image: Min-Liang Tan Facebook Page

And I can’t help but agree with them.

I mean, c’mon; you got to live with the tattoo for the rest of your life. Is your phone gonna last for that same duration?

Sure, you can remove the tattoo.

But it’s gonna hurt. Like a bitch.

So yeah, I hope it’s worth it, Connelly.

For your sake.

On a related note… what about you?

Would you do the same thing for a free phone?

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Image: Facebook (Matt Connelly) / Straits Times