Mahathir’s Medical Procedure Was Successful & He’s Now ‘Fully Awake & in High Spirits’


Recent news of Dr Mahathir’s admission to the hospital was already worrying. But the fact that this is his second admission to the hospital in less than a month? Now that was a cause for concern.

But to all of Dr Mahathir’s supporters, it seems like you don’t have to be worried anymore. Here’s some good news: his medical procedure was successful and he’s ready to be discharged in a few days.

Former Malaysian PM Mahathir’s Elective Medical Procedure A Success

Former Prime Minister of Malaysia, Mahathir Mohamad, released a statement on 7 January announcing that Dr Mahathir had been admitted to the National Heart Institute (IJN) for an elective medical procedure.

An update was issued yesterday (9 January) that his medical procedure at the IJN was successful.

A team of doctors from the IJN and the University of Malaya Medical Centre carried out the procedure. It went as planned and was a success.

Dr Mahathir is stated to be recovering well and is “fully awake and in high spirits”. He is expected to be discharged from the IJN in the next few days.

The statement ended with Dr Mahathir and his wife, Dr Siti Hasmah, expressing gratitude for the public’s well wishes and concerns.

Due to Malaysia’s current measures for COVID-19, no visitors are allowed.

Second Hospitalisation in a Month

Dr Mahathir was previously admitted into the IJN on 16 December for observation and a full medical check-up.

A second statement came less than a week later, declaring that the doctors has “completed all the necessary investigations for his medical check-up” and were also “satisfied with the results”. The former PM was ready to be discharged shortly.


Nobody expected him to be hospitalised again so soon, but he thankfully seems to be in the pink of health.

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Heart Troubles in the Past

Dr Mahathir had previously been hospitalised several times for chest infection. The most recent one was in 2018 where he was admitted to the IJN.

He’s also had three heart attacks—one in 1989, and two in 2006. He had undergone one bypass surgery at Kuala Lumpur Hospital in 1989, and another one at IJN in 2007.

With multiple hospitalisations so close to each other, the public was understandably concerned for Dr Mahathir, given his medical history.

Fortunately, his adoring fans won’t need to worry any longer. I’m sure M Ravi is feeling relieved right now.

We wish Dr Mahathir a full and speedy recovery!

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