Hell Neighbour in Punggol Slapped Teacher And Even Sent Lawyer’s Letter Demanding Apology


We have all encountered different kinds of neighbours.

The friendly aunty who always share nice food with everyone, the emo uncle who always ignore us…. (erhem awkward)

But have you met a hell neighbour before?


No I do not mean the television show…..I’m talking real life here.

Well, writing about this already made me mad.

So what happened was a kindergarten teacher was slapped by her neighbours. They said that she was too noisy, littering and poured dirty water onto their balcony.

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Victim Ms. Li Lin Lin said that the misunderstanding started from 2012.

Since then, the couple came up several times and complained against her. They even called the police.

Once during a downpour, her neighbours went up to her door and asked why she was washing her windows and causing dirty water to wet their balcony.

She then asked if they had evidence (wise move) but they became angry and started to attack her physically.

Ms. Lin says that she did none of the things that they accused her of and was unclear why they are targeting her.

I wonder why some have such wild imagination…

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Whenever they bumped into each other, they would glare at her.

That’s a lot to tahan, personally.

In January 2017, the couple accused her of littering again, which triggered a whole series of accusations.

Ms. Lin said that she was insulted and threatened. She tried to defend herself by hurling back, but was slapped by the male neighbour (physical violence is a no-no).

She called the police and went to the hospital thereafter.

Just when you thought everything is over, the couple demanded an apology from Ms. Lin through a lawyer’s letter.

I know right???

They then tried to resolve the matter at a community mediation centre, but failed to reach a consensus.

So eventually the case was brought up to court.

You would be glad to know that the charges were dropped because the couple had insufficient evidence.

Ms. Lin asked for $5000 in compensation but the couple was unwilling to fork out the money.

Selfish much??

She then asked them for a formal apology in the newspapers.

Which, to my surprise, they did.


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