Here’s Why You Should Really Visit the River Hongbao 2018




Ugh, I had to get that out of the way before someone asks me the same question again. Still, I can’t really blame them though. Most of my friends and family members actually know the event by its Chinese name, 春到河畔.

In fact, I didn’t know it’s called “River Hongbao” until recently either. And yes—I honestly have no idea why they would think that “River Hongbao” is a good name for the event. Pretty sure it’s not the work of Google translate though.

Anyway, if you’re here reading this article, that would mean that you’re considering going to River Hongbao 2018. Here’s why you probably should go and take a look!

1) It’s the Lunar New Year

No, really. What other reason would you need for an event called River Hongbao? It even has the term “HongBao” in its name, you know.

Even their website says that:

“River Hongbao 2018 (RHB2018), an eleven-day extravaganza of lights, sights, and sounds to usher in the Year of the Dog, will be held at The Float @ Marina Bay) from 14 to 24 February 2018.

So yeah, it is a New Year event. Just go there and take a look if you’re free—we all know how weak the Lunar New Year culture is getting in Singapore with all the kids running around in black clothes and ripping open their Ang Paos in front of everyone.


2) Lights, camera, action!

If you have a penchant for the arts, this would be the perfect event for you! From 14 Feb to 24 Feb, get ready for 11 days of fun, culture and heritage!


There will be lots of cultural performances over the span of 11 days! For those of you who are interested, here’s an overview of what you can expect!


So, fellow purveyor of the arts, ready to spend 11 days at Marina Bay?

3) Food, because food

Now, I’m not sure what I can say here. Isn’t good food the ultimate motivation for a person to go to a place?

At River Hongbao 2018, get ready to rip another hole in your wallet!


In the true spirit of showing “how multicultural Singapore builds an endearing and inclusive society”, we will be treated to cuisine and specialty from all over the world!

You can never go wrong with Dragon Beard Candy and Laksa, eh?

4) Lanterns, lanterns everywhere

These are a little hard to miss.

I mean, the God of Fortune is standing at 18m! That’s about as big as a life-sized Gundam! Don’t you want to bask in the glory of a gigantic God of Fortune? You might just strike 4D, TOTO or Big Sweep this year!


The God of Fortune aside, there will also be other fascinating lanterns:


Guess it’s time to ready your cameras for more photos, eh?

5) New Year… in the past

Ever wondered how Lunar New Year celebrations were like before you were born? Imagine visiting your relatives at a time and age with no Smart phones—


(Oh, stop being dramatic, you)

Things were awesome in the past, you know. You young ones just have to learn to appreciate the beauty of simplicity.

Now, you might just have the chance to find out more about how your grandparents lived back in the day with the “My Home, My New Year Exhibition”!


Culture is indeed an interesting thing. The evolution and changes in time and space will no doubt affect how people celebrate an event.


I’m fairly certain Lunar New Year now is very different from the Lunar New Year 100 years back!


Well, that about sums it up. If you have the time to spare, make a trip to River Hongbao 2018 and feel the Lunar New Year spirit!

Oh and before I forget,


If fireworks are your kind of thing, there will also be 11 consecutive days of fireworks during the period of the event!

Well, hope to see you guys there!

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