Here’s Why There’s a ‘Waterfall’ in the Tampines HDB Lift


Articles, memes and videos regarding the flood flooded the internet yesterday.

…Yeah, I simply wanted a chance to use that pun(sorry not sorry)

Anyway, among the videos and images circulating online, I’m sure a few of them have made a lasting impression.

(I think there’s still one with a few people standing on a bus stop bench, but I can’t find it to save my life)

That’s for the photos. When it comes to the videos, there is one I’m pretty sure most of you guys know about.

Here, have a look at the said video:

"Waterfall" lift

WATCH: A lift at Tampines Street 45 turned into a "waterfall" this morning due to the heavy downpour which caused flash floods. (Video: Josh Ng)

Posted by Channel NewsAsia on Monday, 8 January 2018

Remember now?

Pretty funny, isn’t it? To think that there’s a “waterfall” in Singapore of all places!

…Well, not so funny if you’re staying on the 10th floor and have to climb the stairs!

Anyway, this happened at a lift in Block 492A Tampines Street 45. Contrary to popular belief, the “waterfall” was not directly caused by the flood.

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According to the Tampines Town Council, it was actually caused by a choked gully and is being described as “an unfortunate incident”.

The Town Council activated a team to turn off the lift after being alerted to the incident at around 9.50 am.

An email from the Town Council reads:

“The location of the incident is a multi-storey car park, where the top storey is unsheltered and built with a slight gradient to ensure water discharge to the drainage area,”

“During our investigation, we noticed there were particles being washed and deposited at the trapped gully. This caused a choke at the gully leading to slow water flow out of the car park,”

TL;DR: Gully choked, water no place go, lift kena coz overflow

The Town Council has also assured that they are “rectifying the issue” and the lift will only be back in action once it was “certified safe”.

Well, yeah. I wouldn’t want the lift at my house bringing me to Atlantis for no apparent reason either!


Anyway, I’m glad this is just a chuckle-worthy incident. I’m glad the lift didn’t break with someone still inside. Could you imagine how scary it must be to be trapped in a lift with water flowing into it?


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