Here’s Why Trains Are Moving Slower Near Raffles Place MRT Station During the Peak Hours


If you work in the CBD and take the North-South Line to work, you’ve probably adjusted to this already.

Since last month, trains have been travelling at a slower speed due to “on going track improvement work” and “maintenance work”.

And there’s no use complaining to SMRT about it.

In fact, my colleague who heard about some “delays” during peak hours in the morning wondered if something has happened there – after all, there shouldn’t be any maintenance done during peak hours, right?

Yesterday (Feb 19), the train operator said that “commuters can expect up to 15 minutes of additional travel time when taking the MRT towards Marina South Pier on the North-South Line until March“.

Yes, fifteen minutes.

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Just like every delay, there will be an official reason given by SMRT.

This time around, it’s due to “track improvement works”.

Lots of work

According to Channel NewsAsia, parts of the current concrete track bed that support the running rails will be replaced.

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Fresh concrete is usually cast onto the track bed at night, and it takes a few hours to cure and “reach full strength”.

This ‘curing process’ will require temporary speed restrictions to be imposed on trains.


So it really depends on the concrete…



As trains pass through the 300m stretch between City Hall and Raffles Place MRT stations, they will have to move at a slower speed.

Trains are operating at two-minute intervals during peak hours.

The trains have to maintain a safe distance from each other, thus causing the congestion in the North-South Line tunnels.

This is why passengers may experience trains stopping between stations and/or longer waiting times at station platforms.

Image: Sqfeed Journal

SMRT said it will slowly lift speed restrictions when the improvement works are done.

C’mon lah, it’s not like you and I don’t know how SMRT works.

But then and again, they are already trying their best, so let’s just take it as it is and not complain too much…

At least now we know why there’s “maintenance” done on weekday mornings, and it’s not some train coming into contact with another train.

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