There Are Transparent Starbucks Drinks, Too. I Can’t Even


If there’s one thing the F&B industry is good at, it’s jumping on bandwagons.

When a certain food trend starts, you can bet your ass that stores with similar concepts will begin popping up out of nowhere.

Remember the transparent milk tea? Or the Szechuan sauce craze? Fads like these are always happening and you know what they say—

If you can’t beat them, join them.


W-Well, looks like no one is safe from the glorious bandwagon.

Not even (especially) the big corporations.

Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s with a heavy heart that I must share the sad news that Starbucks—purveyor of ridiculously overpriced coffee, has jumped onto the bandwagon.


In a collaboration between Starbucks and Suntory—yes, that company which made the transparent milk tea—Starbucks will be releasing their very own line of sparkling drink!

However, it’s worth noting that this drink will only be available in Japan at the moment. Well, who knows, maybe it’ll wash on Singapore’s shores one of these days.

So what’s a sparkling drink, you ask?

It’s… flavoured water chock-full of carbon dioxide. It’s a healthier alternative to soft drinks, which is also chock-full of sugar on top of everything mentioned just now.

To be honest, I do enjoy a good bottle of flavoured water.


I’m gonna assume it’ll be something like the Ice Mountain sparkling water we have at the moment.

According to Soranews24, the drinks would include caffeine derived from coffee cherries and coconut juice.

So, in a sense, this drink can also be considered a bottle of coffee? (inb4 people telling me soft drinks have caffeine too)

Still, this definitely beats chugging down cup after cup of sugar-laden coffee in my opinion.


The drinks will go on sale at 7-Eleven stores in Japan starting from 27 Feb.

Diehard Fans of Starbucks, you know what to do! When in need, Airfrov it!

But I can tell the future. Some company is going to bring it in, we’ll receive a press release, we’ll write about it, it’ll go out of stock in a week and soon, everyone will be going for the next fad.

After all, anyone still remembers this?


I didn’t even know that’s in our office’s fridge.

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