What Does It Mean When A Dragonfly Visits Your House? Here’s What It Symbolises

The weather has been more than a little crazy lately. The heatwave is causing a lot of insects to fly around and dragonflies might just come zooming into your house.  But what does it mean when a dragonfly visits your home?

Believe it or not, there’s actually a couple of symbolic meanings when a dragonfly comes around.

Google up animal symbolism and you’d find that dragonflies signify good luck, purity, harmony and prosperity.

Dragonfly Symbolism

A dragonfly flying in the air indicates a need for you to focus on your innermost desires and thoughts.

How are your desires and thoughts linked to a dragonfly? Well, think about how it skips across on the surface of the water.

This message translates to indicate that you should be careful of the outcomes you want. That’s especially focused on your innermost trail of thoughts, AKA your subconscious thinking.

In simple terms, focus and reassess your life and goals. Dragonflies live for a year at most. That’s one helluva short lifespan compared to ours.

This puny insect teaches us to live our lives to its fullest potential. Appreciate the life that you have, as you don’t know when your final day will come.

A dragonfly is an ideal symbol for meditation too. It’s the scale that sets the balance between yourself and the divine world. In fact, the pesky dragonfly is often used as symbols in Japanese and Native American meditation practices.

Have you heard of dragonfly totems? They actually facilitate your need to be conscious and thankful for both your inner and outer beauty. You ought to share the gorgeousness that you have in a modest way with the rest of the world.

So When A Dragonfly Visits Your Home?

The next time a dragonfly dives right at you while you’re binge-watching Empire, don’t shout and reach for the broom. Take a second to think about why it’s paying you a visit and understand that sometimes, the universe does send us signals.

It’s time for us to think about our life. What’s wrong and should be made right. How to elevate ourselves for everyone else in the house.

A dragonfly flying into your house also symbolizes change. Thank your lucky stars for that special reminder from the universe, and pay attention to the smaller things in life. Things that make you smile and laugh. Things that make you look forward to every other day in this precious planet we call our world!

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