What Does It Mean When A Dragonfly Visits Your House? Here’s What It Symbolises

Last Updated on 2023-06-13 , 12:59 pm

The weather has been more than a little crazy lately. The heatwave is causing a lot of insects to fly around and dragonflies might just come zooming into your house. But what does it mean when when a dragonfly visits you?

Believe it or not, there’s actually a couple of symbolic meanings when a dragonfly comes around.

Google up animal symbolism and you’d find that dragonflies signify good luck, purity, harmony and prosperity.

Dragonfly Symbolism: What Does It Mean When a Dragonfly Vsits You

Dragonflies are known to bring blessings, harmony and loving relationships within the family. They help drive away bad luck and hunt down pests like mosquitoes.

Do not chase the dragonflies away when they visit for that means you will be chasing away the protectors.

If they enter through the front door, it means your career will have a sharp uptrend soon. Additionally, if you see a dragonfly’s arrival to your home when a family member that’s sick, that means that family member would soon recover from their illness.

Additionally, a dragonfly symbolizes maturity, poise and change. It represents a change in perspective and a shift towards self-realisation. They are also connected to light and adaptability.


Lest you didn’t know, a dragonfly changes colours as it matures into an adult. The male and female changes into different colours depending on their species. Like the dragonfly, we are also prone to change as we mature.

But sometimes, it’s difficult to tell when should we change. That is when the dragonfly comes to help. When this totem animal shows up, it is an indication of change.

‘Change’ does not mean you should change your hair colour or immediately break up with the person you’re seeing. It can mean a change of perspective or to let go of the attachment to the outcome.


As humans, we are creatures of habit so change does not come easy for us. By accepting change and adapting to the modification in our life, it symbolises maturity and our ability to understand life is more than what it seems to be.


If you watched a dragonfly closely before, you’ll notice that they fly with grace and poise in all six directions easily.

This is because of the muscles in the thorax their two sets of wings. The muscles are able to work each wing independently, allowing them to not only move in any direction easily but hover at a single spot for more than a minute.

Dragonfly Symbolism in different cultures

Although the dragonflies represent change, poise and maturity for most people, different culture sees the dragonflies differently.

Native America

Most Native Nations associate dragonfly with healing and shamanism. The dragonfly is also known as a regenerative and protective force.

To the Hopi and Pueblo tribes, the dragonflies are a medicine animal that holds the powers of healing and transformation. Killing a dragonfly is taboo in the Pueblo traditions.


The dragonfly is a positive symbol and omen. They are often associated with autumn and they are connected to happiness and courage.


Although dragonflies are highly regarded in many cultures, things are slightly different in Europe. The dragonflies are sometimes associated to evil intent or physical harm.

Some cultures associate the dragonfly with snakes while others associate them with death. While in the European culture and folklore, the dragonfly sighting is a warning sign from the Spirit.

They believe that the sight of a dragonfly is a signal for you to slow down and be cautious.

With that, next time when you when a dragonfly visits you, don’t chase it away for it represents change, luck and all things good.

Or it could simply mean you live near a large body of water.

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