Hong Huifang Became the First Singaporean to be Nominated for Best Actress at Golden Horse Awards

Another day another slay.

Singaporean actress Hong Huifang has been nominated for Best Leading Actress at the prestigious Golden Horse Awards for her role in the upcoming Singapore-Korea film, Ahjoomma.

This will be the 61-year-old’s first nomination at the awards and she’s not going to brag.

In fact, despite winning multiple awards over the past few years, the local star is still humble and appreciative of every step.

The actress will be up against Taiwanese actresses Sylvia Chang (A Light Never Goes Out), Tsai Hsuan-yen (Incantation), Hong Kong model-actress Angela Yuen (The Narrow Road) and Chinese actress Cya Liu (Limbo).

The awards ceremony will take place on 19 November.

Singapore-Korean Co-Production Ahjoomma

This isn’t the first time Singaporean actors appear in K-dramas. In fact, a few scenes in Little Women were shot in Singapore.

But Ahjoomma will be following a Singaporean lead throughout the whole film.

Directed by He Shuming, the Korean and Mandarin-language film tells the story of a Singaporean housewife who’s obsessed with Korean drama. She then takes her first trip overseas to Seoul and embarks on a journey of self-discovery after getting lost.

The film will also be He’s first feature directorial debut and the local filmmaker has also been nominated at the Golden Horse Awards for Best New Director.

Ahjoomma will star a few named actors including Hong Huifang, Jung Dong-Hwan, Kang Hyung Suk and Shane Pow.

To date, the movie has a total of four nominations at the Golden Horse Awards: Best Supporting Actor (Jung Dong-Hwan), Best Original Screenplay (He Shuming, Kris Ong), Best New Director (He Shuming), and Best Leading Actress (Hong Huifang).

You can catch the film in cinemas from 27 October 2022.

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