Diner Found Large Hook in Fish in Bishan Fish Soup Stall & Claimed Stall Owner Ignored It


With the rainy weather recently, a steaming hot bowl of fish soup sounds delightful, doesn’t it?

Well, only if it comes without a fish hook in it.

A customer dining at a fish soup stall in Bishan found a fish hook in her fish soup, and the stall owner is unapologetic about it.

Buy One Bowl of Fish Soup, and Get One Fish Hook Free

On Thursday (1 Dec), the diner and her colleague were eating at a fish soup stall located at Bishan Bus Interchange when they found a fish hook in their food.

Image: Lianhe Zaobao

The fish hook was still hooked into a piece of fish in the dish.

This isn’t the first incident recently of a fish hook being found in a diner’s fish soup. Merely a few months back, a woman found a hook in her fish soup purchased from Pasir Ris hawker centre.

With any luck, this isn’t going to become a trend.


Iron in the form of fish hooks probably wasn’t what the Health Promotion Board had in mind when they introduced the My Healthy Plate initiative. Regardless, it’s quite the surprise ingredient to be greeted by.

Owner of Fish Stall Purportedly Unapologetic

Upon discovering the fish hook in the dish, the diner flagged this out to the stall owner, who was indifferent to the complaint.

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The diner claims the owner ignored them and brushed their woes aside, claiming it was none of his business.

Perhaps it was part of his plan to leave the hook in the dish all along—to keep diners hooked on dining at his fish soup stall.

He was unapologetic about this incident and even pushed the blame back onto the diner for only flagging it out when the food was half-eaten.

Only after the diner had raised her voice at the stall owner did the stall owner become more conciliatory and suggested making another bowl of fish soup for her as a replacement.

Eventually, the diner settled for a refund of $6.

The diner remarked that her reason for bringing this incident to the public eye was to urge the public, especially the elderly, to exercise caution and be careful of what they eat.

The Supplier’s Fault?

The stall owner reportedly blamed the fish supplier for this lapse.

He shared that the fish used to prepare the fish soup were already portioned out and cut up by the supplier beforehand. As a result, the stall owner did not thoroughly inspect the fish slices and thereby failed to notice the fish hook still lodged in the fish.

The stall owner also remarked that he eventually gave the diner a refund as well.

While the diner had initially requested a fresh bowl of fish soup, he could not whip up another bowl for her as he had run out of fish.

The stall owner adds that he will take more care in food preparation in the future.

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Featured Image: Lianhe Zaobao


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