72YO Underwent 5 Stitches & Surgery After a Wild Boar Attacked Him in Punggol


Do you usually choose to ditch a helmet while going cycling?

The choice to wear a helmet saved this 72-year-old cyclist’s life, when a wild boar attack flung him off his bike onto the hard tarmac.

Here’s what happened.

Wild Boar Charged Toward Cyclist, Sends Him Flying

Facebook user William Chew shared this accident that happened to his 72-year-old father on 29 November 2022, at about 8pm.

His father is a seasoned Park Connector Network (PCN) cyclist, who has been cycling 200 to 300km every week for the past two years. Despite his plethora of experience, nothing could have prepared him for this sudden wild boar attack.

He was cycling along Punggol Promenade Nature Walk when he noticed an adult wild boar charging toward him in the opposite direction. Although his father tried to cycle away from the boar, the boar ended up colliding with his bike, sending him flying.

Landed Face-Down on Tarmac, Helmet Cracked

Ultimately, it was his helmet that saved his life.

The impact from the wild boar caused the older Mr Chew to end up flying, landing face-down on the tarmac. His helmet was cracked, and he suffered abrasions on his entire face with cuts to his eyebrow.

Thankfully, there was a couple cycling nearby that witnessed the incident and helped Mr Chew up. They walked him and his bike to the nearest HDB block, before contacting his son and sending him to the accident and emergency department at Sengkang General Hospital.

He required five stitches to the cuts near his right eye, and suffered multiple fractures to his cheekbones.

According to the Facebook post, the specialist told them that his father would likely need surgery. This is because the cheekbones are essential in supporting the eyes, as well as maintaining facial structure,

It was fortunate that Mr Chew decided to wear his helmet, or the injuries might have been even worse. Given how the impact was so huge that the helmet cracked, the impact without a helmet could have been fatal.

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Area Fenced Off

The incident was reported, and NParks have reached out to provide assistance to Mr Chew.

NParks confirmed that they were alerted to the incident, and have fenced up the affected area for the safety of park users.

According to NParks’ website, wild boars who are cornered or feel threatened will attack. This is especially important when it comes to female boars, who are extra protective of their children and are easily provoked.


If you ever encounter a wild boar, be calm and slowly move away from it. Do not corner or provoke the animal, such as taking pictures with it using flash. Do also leave young boars alone, unless you want their mom to come after you.

You can also call the Animal Response Centre at 1800 476 1600 to report encounters with wild boars.

We wish Mr Chew a speedy recovery.

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Featured Image: Facebook (William Chew), Shin Min Daily News