Hougang Road Signs Are So Confusing, It’s Like Putting Glue on Non-Stick Pan

There’s a pedestrian crossing… but there’s a “no crossing” sign… but there’s a sign that says “give way to pedestrians”… there’s also a “watch out for vehicles” sign.

You know what? I’d rather not cross the road at all.

Confusion Over Legality of Crossing Roads

A 66-year-old retiree, Mr Ho, recently shared with Shin Min Daily News about this very confusing pedestrian crossing.

When he walked past the road near Block 685 at Hougang Street 61, he saw that there was a new pedestrian crossing there to help people cross the road. That road, which is about 290 meters long, has traffic lights at both ends and zebra crossings, together with the new pedestrian crossing.

The new pedestrian crossing is slightly inclined too, which makes it more convenient for wheelchair users or people using trolleys.

However, there are four signs along the road: a “no crossing” sign, and “Beware of Pedestrians”, “Beware of Vehicles”, and a “pedestrian passage” sign.

This made people really confused: will pedestrians be ticketed by the police for violating traffic rules if they cross the road here?

Mr Ho shared that there are a lot of elderly in the area who would cross this road to go buy 4D after having their meals at the coffee shop. Most of the elderly do not use the zebra crossing.

Zebra Crossing Near New Pedestrian Crossing Was Removed

Another resident, Mr Qian, shared with Shin Min that there was originally another zebra crossing near the new pedestrian crossing. However, it has since been removed by the authorities, and the new pedestrian crossing was installed.

According to Mr Qian, this is because the elderly would have to walk a certain distance to use the zebra crossing, especially when they’re coming from the nearby market. This is seen as troublesome, and most people end up just crossing the road from the middle.

It is believed to be the reason why that zebra crossing was removed, and the new pedestrian crossing installed. This is because according to the Highway Traffic Act, it is illegal to cross the road within 50 meters of a footbridge, zebra crossing or traffic light.

I mean, if everyone is crossing the road illegally, might as well make it legal and remove the zebra crossing, right?

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Should Remove Contradictory Signs

Residents have pointed out that the “pedestrian passage” sign was actually newly pasted on the back of the “no crossing” sign. Did the authorities forget to paste the sticker on the correct side?

Regardless, the interviewees agreed that the authorities should remove the contradictory signs and put up only the appropriate ones. Otherwise, there will be people who are afraid to use the new pedestrian crossing, because it seems like it is illegal.

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Featured Image: Shin Min Daily News