S’pore Dad Loses 35kg & Gets a Six-Pack in 8 Months to be a Role Model for His Son

Yes, it is possible to transform your dad bod into a fab bod. Just look at this Singaporean man, who got a six-pack in just eight months.

105kg to 70kg in 8 Months

Fitness enthusiast Terence Koh took to TikTok to share his transformation from dad bod to a six-pack.

In a mere eight months, Koh went from 105kg to 70kg. For those of us who struggle to lose weight, this is a truly remarkable achievement.

The 33-year-old shared with AsiaOne that he did not receive any professional help during his fitness journey. Instead, he relies on online resources for information on nutrition and training, and he works out alone at the gym.

Of course, getting fit isn’t an easy journey, but Koh’s trust in the process kept him going throughout the hard times.

He trained six times a week with one-and-a-half hour sessions, and had a super strict diet for the first seven months: cutting out fried food and sugary drinks, and going for low-fat options instead. He also said that chicken breast and fish are his BFF if his ultimate goal was fat loss.

“It should be a lifestyle that is sustainable. Start with something simple and achievable and most importantly, be consistent with it.”

Did It For His Son

Koh shared that finding out that his wife was pregnant was what triggered him to lose weight.

The man gained 40kg over the past decade, and was fat-shamed. His confidence and self-esteem were dealt major blows because of his figure.

He wanted to be a healthy father and husband, and be a super dad and role model to his son. Thus, he started to embark on his fitness journey.

“When the going gets tough, it’s a daily battle to overcome our negative thoughts and constantly remind ourselves why are we doing it or who are we doing it for.”

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Netizens Full of Awe and Respect

In the comments of his TikTok, many netizens thanked him for sharing his journey. Many were also awed at how dedicated he was in reaching his fitness goals.

Image: TikTok

Maybe Koh’s story is the trigger you need to kickstart your fitness journey, too.

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Featured Image: TikTok (Terencekyw)