Huang Yiliang Has Become a Liverstreamer Selling Seafood & Will be a Hawker Soon


True to his name, Wang Lei strikes like thunder again.

In a Facebook livestream on Tuesday (11 Oct), former veteran actor Huang Yiliang saw a huge increase in his viewership, thanks to a shoutout from the popular e-commerce live streamer.

Not one to look a gift horse in the mouth, Yiliang immediately thanked Wang Lei, exclaiming that his livestream now had 2,000 viewers instead of a mere 20 with a simple “fart” (small effort) from Wang Lei.

Let’s Talk About Yiliang

On 11 October, Wang Lei was having his own livestream too.

After waiting for his usual audience to stream in while making jokes about their black getup was similar to a Chinese gang, he mentioned the conflict between Yiliang and a columnist called Soh Choon Heng.

Last Sunday (9 Oct), Yiliang claimed that Soh had slandered him with lies in his weekly column.

You can tell that Yiliang went through the articles with a fine comb, as he started to list out everything that he felt was factually wrong.

For one, he stated that he never insulted his ex-wife, Lin Meijiao when he was accepting his Best Supporting Actor award in 2003. He added that the reasons for their divorce did not stem from differences in parenting style.

After their falling out, Meijiao had primary custody over their daughter Chantelle Ng, who was only a few months old at that time. Yiliang had visitation rights every Sunday.

Reportedly, Soh mentioned a podcast interview that Chantelle (now 27) did on Hear U Out last year, where she divulged that she had been beaten so badly by Yiliang when she was 11 that she had to be hospitalised for a week. Yiliang has since refuted the story.

The veteran actor also pointed out that the former screenwriter had misquoted his words from an interview that happened 30 years ago.

Should we applaud Soh for digging out that interview, or applaud Yiliang for remembering his own exact words?

Since the former actor was in jail for 10 months for assaulting his employee with a metal scraper, and began serving his prison sentence right after his appeal failed in February, he could only react to Soh’s magazine column in October.

It is presumed that Yiliang was released early for good behaviour.

The 61-year-old actor went on to criticise the columnist, saying, “You report the things that everyone knows accurately, but for the things that people don’t know about, you editorialise it, this type of behaviour is really not professional.

“People like you, as long as you have a pen in your hands, you’ll write whatever you wish to write. As for the people who have offended you, you’ll depict them really ‘wonderfully’ and I am one of those people.”


The sarcasm is heavy there.

Wang Lei Stands With Yiliang

When mentioning Yiliang, Wang Lei openly voiced his support for him, claiming that it comes from a place of empathy since he has also experienced criticism from many journalists and reporters, who “write whatever they want about” him.

The veteran getai singer even points out the double standards within the media industry, noting that they treated Yiliang like a “God” when he was popular, but now they are attacking him relentlessly after he got out of jail.

Wang Lei then throws a few choice expletives at the journalists and reporters—as he is wont to do—and tells them to check their conscience and start acting with integrity.


It appears that Wang Lei finds a kindred spirit in Yiliang, as he describes the latter as one of the best actors in Singapore who has a different temper and style compared to others.

Wang Lei added that Soh has written articles about him as well.

“I also experienced something like that and was affected by those who choose not to write full truths. They don’t think their words will harm many people. I’ll say it right now— people like them, the heavens will settle their debts.”

This statement is likely in relation to how the media wrote that he was chasing clout when he used his Facebook stream to look for a missing Malaysian woman and even offered reward money for information about her. For this particular incident, Wang Lei insisted that he never knew the woman nor her parents before her father contacted him for help, and that he has nothing to gain from this and he was doing it out of his own goodwill.

Moreover, Wang Lei felt that Soh had gone too far by bringing up Yiliang’s daughter and ex-wife.

After all, Yiliang has technically paid his dues for his violent offence, and his own actions should have no bearing on his innocent family.


In true Wang Lei fashion, he dares both Soh and Yiliang to start a livestream and duke it out in front of the audience in a battle of truths.

To end off, the getai singer-turned-livestreamer said that he was willing to help Yiliang’s business, even proposing the possibility of appearing on his platform.

Opening a Prawn Noodle Shop

Needless to say, Yiliang was very thankful towards Wang Lei for the show of support.

“Wang Lei is someone who helps you when you are in times of need or trouble,” he said.


In spite of his decades-long acting career, it seems that Yiliang is moving away from the showbiz scene and towards the food and beverage industry.

He has began selling seafood online.

During his livestream, Yiliang also revealed that he was planning to open a prawn shop in the future.

Apparently, he had learned how to cook prawn noodles when he was younger and he thinks that the quality of his food is decent.

Therefore, he hopes to open a prawn noodle shop by the end of the year, although he isn’t certain of the exact date or location.

He promised it would be cheap though, so that is will be something to look forward to.

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Featured Image: Facebook (Wang Lei 王雷 & Huang Yi Liang)