I Tried The Subway Wraps Instead Of The Subway Sandwiches; It Became My Favourite

Last Updated on 2020-02-17 , 2:13 pm

To many people, Subway is this:

I was one of the “many people” as well until recently, I came across this:

No, this isn’t a popiah but Subway wraps.

And boy, after discovering this, Subway became a different restaurant to me altogether. I’ve stopped ordering sandwiches and opt for the Subway wraps instead whenever I’m in Subway, saving me the dilemma of whether to choose Multigrain or Honey Oat or whatever is in front of me.

That is precisely the reason why I volunteered to write this review even when some of my colleagues are Subway hardcore fans, since I’m the only one who has tried the wrap countless times.

Now, if you’re shocked at the fact that Subway has wraps, read on.

Subway Has Wraps, Breakfast & Even Salad

Unless you bothered to look at the menu while you’re in the restaurant, chances are, you’re chit-chatting and have always ordered your usual sandwich like a robot: you’ll move automatically along the queue, machine-gunned about the vegetables you want (or don’t want) and utter the sauces as if it’s programmed in you.

But there’s more to that.

Other than their Subway wraps, which I’ll review in this article, they have salads…

…a breakfast menu…

Image: subway.com

…and yeah, even of course with the cookies that we’re familiar with, too.

Image: subway.com

The number of varieties you can customize, based just on the sandwich/wrap/salad, is at 38 million – definitely much more than cai png.

Add these menus I’ve just mentioned and you’ll realize you can have a different Subway experience in your entire life…even if you have Subway every single meal.

So, The Subway Wraps

From what I remember, the entire makan process is akin to having a delicious sandwich that’s packed to its fullest.

The other reason why I’ve always chosen the wrap is the near-perfect combination of the wrap with the sauce: the sauces (here’s my, and a lot of my friends’, favourite combination: honey mustard and sweet onion) sink into the wrap like marriage made in heaven: a little soggy (not the bad kind of soggy) and not that messy.

But a review can’t be based on memories, so we bought a few more wraps to the office for everyone to try (me included, of course).

We Got Three Subway Wraps: The Turkey & Chicken Bacon Wrap, The Chicken Bacon Ranch Wrap & The Subway Melt™ Wrap

It seems like my memory didn’t fail me after all.

With a pen and a wrap beside me (which is only possible because the wrap holds the ingredients, including the sauce, firmly), everything is what I’ve remembered.

The wrap isn’t doughy at all, though it might be a little overpowering when you’re at the end of it. As mentioned, the sauce sinks into the inner layer of the wrap yet it does not soften the wrap. At least not that much lah.

One of the reasons why I’ve often chosen wraps instead of sandwiches is apparently the ease of eating.

I’m a fast eater and eating a Subway sandwich fast means my white shirt will be brown by the time I’m done with my meal. The wrap shields me from the sauce, and most importantly, keeps everything intact.

I won’t even need to turn my head to take a bite as the fillings wouldn’t fall out even if I were to twist and turn it (not sure why I’ll do that, but anyways).

How About My Colleagues?

According to my colleague who had the Chicken Bacon Ranch, the chicken is succulent and goes well with the cheese. But then again, he’s a cheese lover so adding cheese to any of his meal becomes a Michelin-starred meal.

My other colleague who had the Turkey & Chicken Bacon sang praises for its chicken, primarily for the smoky and BBQ-ish feel.

But that’s like a review for the sandwiches, isn’t it?

How About The Wrap?

So I asked my colleagues if they’ll go for the wrap since they’ve not mentioned a single word about it. All three of them feel that it’s a refreshing touch from Subway, compared to the old-school sandwich. However, their focus is primarily on the ingredients and nothing else.

Like what one of them say, “You can wrap it in gold but essentially, it boils down to the ingredients.”

Wise words.

But as expected, one of them mentioned about how “neat” everything is. I understand completely.

Subway Wraps: Is It Worth A Try?

My colleagues adopt a “see-first-lah” mentality – they might switch between both because, as mentioned, their focus is on the ingredients and not the bread.

One of them might try it if she has typical sandwich one day and is going to have another Subway the next day.

As for me? It’s a wrap (for this article and for Subway).

This article was first published on Goody Feed and is written in collaboration with Subway Singapore.