Another Good-Looking ICA Officer Went Viral; Was Previously a Zookeeper & Fitness Trainer


If you have a thing for police officers, oh boy will you love our police force. Of course, honourable mention goes to the OG, cardboard-cutout policeman Ryan Koh.

Or how about policeman Clement, the Simu Liu lookalike who recently blew up on TikTok for how professional and charmingly stern he is at his job?

If the above two aren’t your type, how about this new guy on the block who screams golden retriever material?

Simping For The New Guy 

Officer Toh Sing Ru,  featured on ICA’s TikTok page, recently amassed a few fans after sharing about himself in a TikTok video.

@ica_singapore Team Leader with a Masters in science, former fitness trainer and zookeeper, and loves to sing… Perfect! 😍 #i#icaf#fypf#fypsgs#sgt#tiktokg#guardiansofourborderssecureborderssafesg #valentinesday ♬ original sound – ICA_Singapore

In a get-to-know-me interview style, Toh introduced himself as a team leader at Changi Airport and shared his love for this job.

What wowed the online audience was his background; he studied architecture and then moved on to attain a Master’s Degree in Science.

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Before he joined ICA, he worked as a part-time fitness trainer and a zookeeper. When asked about his hobbies, he shared that he loves to exercise and sing.

What sealed the deal was not only his sweet smile but also when the video then jumped to him singing a few seconds of ‘Perfect’ by Ed Sheeran while playing the guitar.

With his many interests and varied knowledge, I’ll imagine he’ll be someone you’ll always enjoy talking to. 

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Fans In The Comments

It’s no surprise that everyone in the comments has taken a liking to Toh.

Image: Tiktok (@ica_singapore)
Image: Tiktok (@ica_singapore)
Image: Tiktok (@ica_singapore)

Some are evening asking if they can get more of Toh on ICA’s TikTok:

Image: Tiktok (@ica_singapore)
Image: Tiktok (@ica_singapore)

If the comments section is spammed hard enough, fans might be able to get another video featuring the new golden boy.

Also, he’s intelligent, good-looking and works out? Win liao lah.

More Eye Candies

Don’t forget that we have capable ladies on the task force too. Priscilla, Emergency Response Team (ERT) team leader, was featured on SPF’s TikTok page.

She may be defending our nation’s safety, but she sure can’t defend herself from the wave of netizens fawning over her in the comments, with some going a bit extreme, such as asking Priscilla to ‘arrest’ them.