If You’ve Noticed, Subway Has Changed Its Logo. Here’s Why

There’s so many things happening around the world every day that it’s pretty simple to miss out on some of the news.

This one, for example, might not even come across your path.

Subway’s just given itself an uplift. It’s the first change in 15 years, and guess what: even the slogan has changed.

According to its CEO, Suzanne Greco, its way forward is with, err, Fresh Forward.

The concept is going to help make Subway way more competitive in the years to come.

Image: Business Insider

About Fresh Forward

Well, no more Eat Fresh, my healthy friends.

The aim is to now modernize every angle the sandwich business is being operated. Subway is planning to revamp all stores by 2017 – just a few months away.

The most telling sign for now has got to be its logo. The logo has got yellow and white arrows to it – pointing at opposite directions to symbolize choice.

Image: Pinterest

Greco herself says that there hasn’t been much change to the logo – just a few tweaks to modernize its looks. It now looks neat and tidy and is perfect with the Subway app too.

In fact, it’ll fit pretty well with the environment the new-age consumers are in – more online.

Subway’s considering a bunch of other options for its business too. Their sandwich kiosks are now being tried out for different alternatives where customers don’t necessarily have to order their specifications for their sandwich through an employee, but go through a mobile ordering system and even a drive-thru option.

But they’re not just moving forward, as Greco says, “The Subway brand is recognised throughout the world, and this new look reinforces our commitment to staying fresh and forward-thinking with a design that is clear and confident without losing sight of our heritage.”

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So far, we’ve seen that most, if not all, Subway outlets in Singapore has been converted to the new logo.

We’ve only got one suggestion – more promos, guys. We love the word, what it stands for and the actual act of utilizing promos.

Or maybe create a Nasi Lemak Sandwich. That, my friend, is going to make all the difference.

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