This Image of ‘Bedok Jetty’ is ‘Fake’, So Please Continue to Visit ECP


In a world where fake news spreads faster than a forest fire, one must not believe everything they read on the internet.

There has been a video of a jetty being harassed by strong tidal waves floating around the internet but how does that affect Singapore?

Well, take a look at the video in question first.

Seen this circulating video of 'tsunami' hitting 'Bedok Jetty'…

Seen this circulating video of 'tsunami' hitting 'Bedok Jetty'? It didn't happen in S'pore. Read the full story here:

Posted by Stomp on Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Does it look familiar to you?

Well according to Stomper Chaz and Suaidi, the video was captioned, “This happened an hour ago at Bedok Jetty so wherever you are, don’t go (to the) sea side.”

A tsunami in Singapore? Yeah, that’s a surefire way to make the video go viral.

So here is how the Bedok Jetty looks like:


The Bedok Jetty does look awfully similar to the jetty in the video but sharp-eyed netizens managed to pick out the differences—the former has shelters along the jetty’s stretch whereas the latter seems to have no visible structures.


The pillars of the Bedok Jetty also seems to be smaller in width.

So guys, feel free to head to Bedok Jetty and get some Instagram-worthy shots.

The aforementioned video is actually taken at the Minicoy Eastern Jetty, located on the island of Minicoy, India.

The original video was posted on Youtube, a few months back.

This isn’t the first time and definitely won’t be the last time, the internet plays host to fake news.

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