Image of Chow Yun Fat’s Death is Fake. Here’s What You Need to Know


I remember growing up watching movies starring Stephen Chow and Chow Yun-fat with my family.

Those fun-filled Saturdays when we would try to lip-sync along to their famous lines.

sigh… those were the days when I had time.

But nonetheless, these 2 Hong Kong actors are still celebrities I look up to till this day.

However, someone tried to be funny (totally failed) and spread false news that Chow Yun-fat has passed away.

This is what the picture looks like:


The title roughly translates to ‘Well-know actor Chow Yun-fat dies of illness in Hong Kong yesterday’.

The picture immediately went viral and spread like wildfire on Chinese social media site Weibo.

Thankfully, his wife, Jasmine Tan, cleared the misunderstanding for us. She said that her husband is “as healthy as can be”.

Seriously … people got nothing to do is it??

Joker vs Internet : 0-1

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