Indonesian Woman Broke Up with BF After His Mum Told Her to Do the Dishes


When it comes to marriage, there are many factors to selecting your special one. 

While wealth, looks, and characters are all part of the list of requirements, the most important one is obviously: how tolerable your in-laws are. 

Indonesian Woman Broke Up with BF After His Mum Told Her to Do the Dishes

Impressing your in-laws is one thing, but it goes both ways. 

After her boyfriend’s mother asked her to do not only the cooking but also the cleaning, one Indonesian woman was utterly unimpressed. As such, she decided to sever ties with her boyfriend before the relationship progressed. 

In a TikTok video, the woman, known as @belladeasy on the social media platform, recounted that the first time she met her boyfriend’s parents, she was made to do a bulk of the chores in their dinner, namely cooking and cleaning.

Before the meal, her boyfriend’s mother asked her to help with the cooking. Afterwards, you’d expect the mother to be a generous host and insist on cleaning up everything, right? 

Unfortunately, that was not the case.

Instead, she told the OP (original poster) to clean all the dishes. 

Like a harbinger, the situation allowed the OP to foresee a future with her boyfriend. It would be one in which she was the “maid” of the household.

“After we had dinner, I thought she would say, ‘Leave the dishes, don’t wash them,’ but no, she even asked me to wash all the dishes; I can already imagine what it would be like to marry into her household as a daughter-in-law,” she said (translated from Bahasa Indonesia). 

Daughters-in-law are still part of the family and should be treated like equals, not subordinates. 

Because of this, she broke it off with her boyfriend and said she was happy about her decision.

@belladeasy #stitch dengan @Nahda Azahra ♬ suara asli – Bella Deasy

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Mixed Reactions

Many commended her for standing up for herself and making the right choice. 

Image: @belladeasy/ TikTok
Image: @belladeasy/ TikTok

Some also told her to run away from that family. 

Image: @belladeasy/ TikTok
Image: @belladeasy/ TikTok

As with everything, there are two sides to a coin. Some argued that the OP was merely lazy. 


So, which side are you on? 

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Featured Image: @belladeasy/ TikTok