iPhone Cable Tangled Steering Wheel & Caused Accident in Pasir Ris, But There’s a Twist


This is truly one of a kind: a Samsung Note 7 could potentially burn a vehicle, but an iPhone cable has allegedly caused a traffic accident.

In a freak accident, a driver of a Toyota Vios, Mr Yeo, claimed that his iPhone charging cable was tangled in his steering wheel. Because of that, he lost control of his vehicle and smashed into another car.

This happened on Pasir Ris Drive 1, and fortunately, even with the strong impact, no one was injured.

Image: straitstimes.com
Image: straitstimes.com

Due to the crash, the metal rods dislodged and hit two cars on the opposite road, an Uber or Grab driver and a taxi. It missed the Uber / Grab driver by just a metre, which could have been a fatal blow.

Image: straitstimes.com
Image: straitstimes.com

Then came the interesting part; here’s a video that Zaobao.sg has obtained.

It seems like the Vios has cut into the bus bay and overtook a van, causing him to lose control. Is the iPhone cable innocent after all?

Featured Image: straitstimes.com

This article was first published on goodyfeed.com

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