Irresponsible Mother Didn’t Notice 4-Year-Old Son Drowning Cos’ She was Playing with Phone


A video of a drowning incident went viral, with a 4-year-old boy slowly drowning behind his mother’s back while she was busy playing with her smartphone.

Busy mother on her smartphone

According to Shanghaiist, the surveillance footage came from the pool area of a resort in Xianyang, Shaanxi province. While the mother was busying fiddling with her phone in the pool, her son was desperately splashing in the water behind her back. 

Somehow, neither the mother nor fellow swimmers noticed that the boy was drowning. 

Eventually, she went to look for him but walked the wrong way, unfortunately. 

Unable to locate her son, the mother asked for help from resort staff. They found the boy’s body at the bottom of the pool after more than 30 minutes.

Surveillance footage shows that he had struggled in the water for 3 minutes before drowning. He drowned at the 1.1m depth area of the pool. 

Check out the horrifying surveillance footage below:

Netizens online criticised the mother for being irresponsible who shouldn’t be playing with her smartphone when her son was in such a dangerous area. 

I wonder what is it on her phone that is so engaging that she couldn’t take just one moment to look over at her son? I sure hope it’s work and not Angry Birds

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