Lizard Found in Irvins Salted Egg Potato Chips Again & CEO of Irvins Salted Egg Has Responded


Remember the IRVINS lizard saga that almost got us hanging at the edge of our seats?

Well, here’s another one that has made its way to headlines again.

Lizard Found in Irvins Salted Egg Potato Chips – Again

This time round, the unsuspected victim is Stomper Alvin.

According to him, he had ordered a few packets of Irvins Salted Egg potato chips during the 11.11 sale on Lazada last year.

It was bought for Chinese New Year, hence his mother was snacking on them on 13 February.

However, halfway through her enjoyment, she noticed that there was a long tail among the chips she had picked up.

Lo and Behold, it was a lizard whose life purpose is to scare the crap out of people.

Image: Stomp

She almost jumped up when she saw it. Granted, that will be my exact response if I were to be greeted with a lizard the same way.

What will you do, given that your family members had eaten from the same packet that the lizard was found in?

Yeah, I wouldn’t have known either.

Response from Irvins Salted Egg CEO

In response to the Stomp query, CEO of Irvins Salted Egg, Irvin Gunawan stated that the manufacturer of IRVINS Salted Egg snacks, Cocoba Pte Ltd, is aware of the recent incident report from the customer. They had since retrieved the snack pouch for investigation.


According to their investigation, they have not found conclusive evidence of the origin of the lizard. With that, they are currently in touch with the customer for service recovery.

In case you’re curious, their investigation comprises stringent reviews of all of their processes, including the end-to-end production line, quality checks of their ingredients and assessment of the existing SOPs.

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On top of that, they stress that food quality of their products and safety of their consumers is their top priority, and they are committed to continuously assess and improve their processes to ensure maintenance and enhancement of rigorous standards.

And this wasn’t how they’ve responded in the past.

Past Cases of Lizard Incident in Irvins Salted Egg

As I have mentioned earlier on, this wasn’t the first time a lizard was found terrorising people in Irvins Salted Egg packets.

In fact, Irvins had taken full responsibility for the matter and apologised for it before.

Dear Customers, Fans, Friends & Partners of IRVINS Salted Egg,•All of us at IRVINS Salted Egg were very shocked and…

Posted by IRVINS Salted Egg on Tuesday, 1 January 2019

Their sincere apology had gained them new fans as people commented on how professional and honest it was.


This apology might have saved them from a PR crisis. However, it might not have stopped the lizards from invading their Irvins Salted Egg packets.

Let’s hope that this time round, they can find the exact solution and solve this problem once and for all. Until then, consume at your own risk.

Because it is highly addictive, and there might be a lizard making an appearance if you’re lucky enough.

After all, lizards are prone to addiction too. Right?